The holiday season is approaching quickly and you might be stressed trying to find the perfect gift for a loved one in your life. If they are someone who has a growing music collection, look no further! EnVi has your back with seven gifts for your favorite music collector. Whether it’s for the aesthetic or practical everyday use, we’ve got some gift inspiration that will warm the heart of any music lover.

NIUBEE Clear Vinyl Record Shelf Wall Mount

Are you a vinyl record collector and hate that you can’t show off the beautiful cover art of your favorite albums? Many times, it’s difficult to find a way to display your records without damaging the cover, whether it be due to nails or tape. With the NIUBEE Clear Vinyl Record Shelf Wall Mount, you no longer have to worry! The wall mounts are the perfect length and sturdiness to display your records. The clear acrylic also makes for a seamless display, allowing you to show off your records without a clunky shelf or one that doesn’t match. These wall mounts don’t only have to be used for records either. Use them to display framed posters, CDs, and more! This multi-purpose wall mount can elevate any music collector’s collection.

Clear Vinyl Record Shelf Wall Mount

IKEA Pegboard

With the abundance of albums and official merchandise piling up each passing day, you’ll surely meet a point where you wish to show off your favorite artists’ merchandise. So why not do so efficiently and with style? Perfect for any setting or usage, IKEA’s SKÅDIS pegboard will serve as the ideal unit to not only display your merchandise, but  store and organize anything you wish to hang as well! Choose your color, decide on pegboard accessories, or stack several pegboards together to customize your storage. Create and decorate your dream pegboard fit to your desired collection aesthetic!

SKÅDIS Pegboard – Black
SKÅDIS Pegboard – Wood
SKÅDIS Pegboard – White

WINKINE Acrylic Tabletop Display

Are your photocards collecting dust in a binder somewhere? This acrylic tabletop display is the perfect alternative to give your photocards a new life. With 52 slots for photos, the display is a sleek way to show off your photocard collection. The slots and rings make it entirely customizable with the ability to switch out and flip between cards. Designed in a calendar style, you can showcase your bias and bias wrecker proudly every day of the year!

Desktop Mini Photo Album Collection

TAYRTVO CD Display Frame

Has your favorite music collector ever gushed about snagging a limited edition CD? Maybe they attended a meet-and-greet event and had a personalized message written by the artist on their favorite album’s cover? Well, we’ve got the perfect gift idea for them. With this CD display frame, your favorite music collector will be able to showcase their prized memorabilia in their home with ease. This frame allows music collectors to display both the case of their favorite record along with the CD inside. Show your favorite music collector you understand their sentimental love for music with this thoughtful gift!

CD Music Frame

Yintiny Portable CD Player

We’ve all been there: your favorite album just arrived and despite your growing collection you still have nothing to use for listening. This portable CD player will be the perfect addition to your album shelf. After all, there’s no better feeling than listening to your favorite album the moment you get it. Plus, you can match the color to your aesthetic.  

Rechargeable CD Player with Bluetooth

BONAOK Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

Whether it be a CD, vinyl record, or cassette playing through the speakers of your local music collector, it’s guaranteed they will be singing along to their favorite tunes. Why not give them a Bluetooth microphone to add  to their collection? Maybe it will kick start a late-night realization that they could have a career in music themselves. (Or not…) With this Bluetooth microphone, the possibilities are endless and can act as a supplement to an existing record collection!

Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

Artblox Acrylic Glass Soundwave Art

Looking for a way to creatively incorporate a special song into your music collector’s gift? This soundwave art captures a song’s soundwaves onto glass, allowing it to be displayed anywhere in their home. With 10 different color options to choose from, this soundwave art can be made to match with any type of home decor. The glass includes the song’s title at the bottom and a QR code in the corner. These finishing touches allow your collector to easily jam out to their favorite tune through their own home decor!

Soundwave Art with Scannable QR Code

From team EnVi’s Music Team to you, we wish you a safe and happy holiday season!

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