Sextet boy group 82MAJOR have taken their first steps into the world of K-pop with their debut single “FIRST CLASS.” Featuring two colorful title tracks, 82MAJOR’s first single ON marks the beginning of the group’s journey into creating a diverse musical spectrum in the K-pop genre and their desire to spread their musical agenda. Join 82MAJOR on their mission to create new sound, construct unique styles, and showcase diverse aspects.

K-pop’s New Musical Age

Managed under GREAT M Entertainment, 82MAJOR consists of six members: Nam Seongmo, Park Seokjoon, Yoon Yechan, Cho Seongil, Hwang Seongbin, and Kim Dogyun. As stated in a press release, 82MAJOR’s name was inspired by South Korea’s country code, 82, combined with the group’s aspirations to introduce a new direction to K-pop and their ambition to establish themselves as a major presence globally.

All For You, 82MAJOR Will Do Anything

Prior to 82MAJOR’s official debut, the group released a pre-release debut single titled “Sure Thing” on October 5. The members Nam Seongmo and Hwang Seongbin both participated in writing lyrics for this track. Alongside 82MAJOR, South Korean producer and songwriter Ryan Jhun, platinum-selling songwriter Wyatt Sanders, and multi-platinum & Billboard #1 K-Pop Charting producer and songwriter Charles Frank Rhodes Jr. came together to compose the song. Mentioned in a press release, “Sure Thing” carries a refreshing and cheerful sound that encapsulates the group’s excitement about meeting their fans in the future.

Encapsulating an upbeat vibe through its light pop-rock genre, “Sure Thing” shows off a musically satisfying melody for listeners. The song’s chorus highlights the member’s soft vocals and addicting rap, singing, “Cause cloud or rain, still in shiny days (Whenever) / Stay close to you (Yeah, sure thing) / Want to make you smile / All for you / It’s true, ’cause I will do anything.” Through the touching lines and affectionate expressions, the member’s properly convey the thrilling emotions and built-up anticipation through their first track.

Depicted in the music video, members wear casual, loose-fitting clothing, giving off a comfortable yet intimate impression. Adopting the boy-crush concept, 82MAJOR members present themselves in varying settings performing different activities, showing off their individualism and expressionism. Similarly, just as soft and charming as their single track’s message, 82MAJOR showcase a bouncy choreography with sprightly footwork and creative group dance moves. Smooth and peppy, 82MAJOR cheerfully dance along to the sweet lyrics.

82MAJOR Becomes the Public’s Topster

82MAJOR made their official debut on October 11 with their second title track “FIRST CLASS.” Group members Nam Seongmo and Hwang Seongbin took part in lyric composition along with fellow member Yoon Yechan contributing as well. Other acclaimed contributors who worked on the songwere K-pop singer-songwriter Roydo and platinum-awarded producer and topliner Frederik Jyll. In company with 82MAJOR, members worked with esteemed video director Woogie Kim, known for his work for artists such as BTS, IU, and HYUNA. They alsoworked with video director Hyunji Lee, known for creating commercials for brands such as Samsung Galaxy, Hyundai, and Kia. Together, the teams collaborated to create 82MAJOR’s debut music video.

Switching gears, 82MAJOR shifted the ambience and perception as the once gentle group transformed into a vigorous sextet. As stated in a press release, “FIRST CLASS” showcases the group’s determination and confidence towards relying on each other in order to reach new heights together. In “FIRST CLASS,” six members with different backgrounds and thoughts gathered together for a single dream, depending on each other and working together, portraying the members’ will to finally take a step forward. The title track adopts a big beat genre with interwoven hip-hop melodies. The members’ addicting chants in the chorus and impactful rap verses in “FIRST CLASS” bring forth a new sound that can hook listeners at first listen.

The members wear dark colored streetwear, bearing coordinated yet diverse outfits to show both union and individuality within the group’s performance. 82MAJOR thrusts their choreography into the limelight as the group’s performance showcases synchronous movements and meticulous hand movements from beginning to end.The members also perform intricate dance moves utilizing their whole bodies, making spectacle of the team’s flawless chemistry and management.

The Rising Stars At the Night Sky

ON only showed a small fragment of 82MAJOR’s musical capabilities, but it showed just enough to know that 82MAJOR holds a group full of raw talent, deep aspirations, and fiery passion. Member Nam Seongmo expressed his emotions regarding debut in a press release, stating, “I have so many mixed emotions, so every day feels new to me. I still cannot believe that I’ll debut and appear on the stage that I’ve been dreaming of stepping on only through watching TV. However, I aim to stay humble.”

He completed his thanks, saying, “Debut is another beginning for me, so I will always work hard to become an artist whom my fans can feel proud of. There were many challenges and hard times on the way, but after enduring those times, I am determined to become a stronger, better version of myself! Thank you!”

Likewise to Seongmo’s disbelief and gratitude to finally debuting, group member Yoon Yechan revealed his own feeling of recognition, saying, “To be honest, I still can’t believe that I’m debuting as 82MAJOR, but filming our music video and variety programs suddenly made me realize, ‘This is happening right now.’” 

He continued, “I was a trainee for about 6-7 years, and I kept wondering, ‘Will I really debut?’, ‘Debut seems like a dream that is so far away’ or ‘Is this really my path?’ during those years. Now that we’re about to make our debut, I can finally see it happening in real life! We’re finally debuting as 82MAJOR. Please look forward to our future endeavors and send a lot of support! Thank you!”

82MAJOR have only just begun their journey to changing the sound frame of music within K-pop, listeners can only anticipate what the sextet will release to achieve their mission in dynamicism.

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