The five-member boy group Ae! group (also stylized as Aぇ! group and pronounced like “a group”) is ushering in a new era in the Japanese pop music scene. On April 15, Yoshinori Masakado, Seiya Suezawa, Keita Richard Kusama, Ken Kojima, and Masaya Sano released their official debut single “《A》BEGINNING” exclusively on YouTube. Making every second count, their debut track can best be described as intense yet memorable. 

To New Beginnings

“《A》BEGINNING” exudes powerful energy from the quintet as the track bursts open with minimal electronic effects and gripping harmonization. Together Ae! group profess, “To a new future / It’s the beginning,” before letting the show begin. Vigorous pop-rock meets electronic dance to create a fiery blend that radiates unabashed confidence, compelling listeners to give Ae! group’s debut single a full listen. From big vocal belts to spirited rap verses, Ae! group have proven their versatility right from the get-go.

For those choosing to opt to watch the music video first, be prepared to see polished dance skills and the enthralling performance presence of the group. With solo shots highlighting each of the members’ charms to clean, synchronized group dance numbers, Ae! group delivered their Ae! game with their debut single!

Just when you think the quintet can’t surprise you even more, the video cuts to show the members jamming out on the drums, guitars, and keyboard, encompassing their musical skills. Both a motivational anthem and a vow to anyone who will listen, “《A》BEGINNING” is a dauntless debut in itself. They sing, “We cannot lose / There’s no reason to stop / …No matter how many times we fall, stand up.”

Images courtesy of STARTO ENTERTAINMENT.

More To Come

With a debut single like “《A》BEGINNING,” one can only hope for the next chapter of the group’s story. Although “《A》BEGINNING” is currently exclusively available on YouTube and YouTube music, there will be a physical CD release on May 15 wherever Japanese CDs are sold. The physical record will feature additional songs, behind-the-scenes video content, and a bonus photobook version, which will be only available in the Universal Music Store.

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