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Shake off the chill of spring showers with this week’s hottest releases. We’ve got everything from healing hits to upbeat dance tracks that will take the gloom right out of you!

Kenshi Yonezu – “ さよーならまたいつか So long and you again!”

@kenshiyonezu_08 NHK「虎に翼」主題歌、米津玄師「さよーならまたいつか!」のMVが公開。 さよーならまたいつか!Music Video #米津玄師 #さよーならまたいつか  #虎に翼 ♬ オリジナル楽曲 – 米津玄師 ハチ

Spread your wings and soar with Japanese singer-songwriter, Kenshi Yonezu‘s latest digital single, “さよーならまたいつか!(Sayonara Mata Itsuka!).” The song serves as the opening theme song for NHK’s morning drama Wings for the Tiger. In this track, Yonezu’s clean reveratos voice takes center stage, delivering a calm yet poignant melody on an uplifting beat. The accompanying music video, reminiscent of the video for his song “Lemon,” adds a unique twist by playing in reverse, incorporating rewind/fast forward effects to symbolize the concept of time. Amidst the chaos of a retro diner, Yonezu remains nonchalant dressed boldly in red head to toe, creating a thought-provoking contrast between his serene singing and the bustling background. This captivating visual narrative captures the essence of the song, leaving viewers intrigued and immersed in its depth.

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Tanner Adell – “Whiskey Blues

Country Pop Princess Tanner Adell returns with a new single “Whiskey Blues.” After a whirlwind few weeks for Adell on the heels of her “Blackbird” feature on Beyoncé’s landmark COWBOY CARTER album, she is having her moment. The feature, as well as general interest in current Black country artists, introduced her to a wider audience and boosted her streams. “Whiskey Blues” stays true to Adell’s musical identity, showcasing soulful country pop and clever lyricism alongside her clear vocals. The song details the lingering feelings for an ex, ranging from anger to longing which Adell expresses as a “bad case of the whiskey blues.” With a new, ever-growing fanbase of her ‘buckle bunnies,’ “Whiskey Blues” gives them a glimpse into what to expect from the star going forward. 

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BRIGHT – “Long Run”

Thai actor and singer Bright Vachirawit, most known professionally as BRIGHT, has returned to the music scene with his latest single, “Long Run.” Released under the multi-faceted star’s entertainment company, Cloud9 Entertainment, “Long Run” is a delicate alternative single tackling themes of introspection and hope. Described by BRIGHT to “keep you warm even in the coldest day,” the song exudes that exact warmth and comfort with its gentle drumbeat, watery guitars, and soft electronic effects. The track’s chorus features BRIGHT tenderly singing over layered chants of the song’s title — emphasizing the dreaminess the track holds. As we prepare for a summer that is bound to be filled with late-night drives or sunsets galore, BRIGHT’s “Long Run” is a contender to soundtrack the season.

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Vicky Farewell – “Push It”

Indie-pop artist Vicky Farewell is gearing up for the release of her upcoming album, Give A Damn, which is slated for a May 10 release via Mac’s Record Label. As the record’s release date grows nearer, Farewell released the album’s lead single “Tern Me On.” But on April 8, Farewell gave listeners yet another peek into Give A Damn with her latest single, “Push It.” The hauntingly sweet synth-heavy track pairs well with Farewell’s wispy vocals as she expresses her frustration for an intimacy gone stagnant. She bluntly tells her lover, “If you want to do better, go for it.” Chock full of harmonies, Farewell’s vocals are the star of the show, drawing listeners in with her delicate swoon-worthy tone.

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Perrie  – “Forget About Us”

You may know Perrie Edwards for her stellar vocals in the British girl group Little Mix. Although the trio is currently on hiatus for group activities, this time has allowed them to pursue their own solo endeavors. Leigh-Anne made her powerful solo debut last summer, and Perrie has rolled up just before this summer to shine. “Forget About Us” introduces the world to soloist Perrie — she’s fun, she’s sentimental, but most importantly her power lies within her undeniable vocal prowess. The single is a heartbreak recovery anthem rooted in nostalgia and wrapped up in a bright pop melody. Reflecting upon a love that didn’t work out, Perrie wishes her previous lover well and hopes they both can recognize the good times they shared. The lyrics written by Perrie herself, pop mogul Ed Sheeran, David Hodges, and Steven Solomon leave listeners with an overall hopeful feeling about the bittersweet reminiscence. 

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Looking to shake off that springtime gloom? Tune into Japanese boy group ONE N’ ONLY’s bold and upbeat single, “DOMINO,” for a pre-summer pick-me-up that will have you dancing in no time! Members TETTA, REI, EIKU, HAYATO, KENSHIN, and NAOYA made their debut in 2018 with their self-branded unique genre of “JK-pop” — a distinctive style that blends both J-pop and K-pop. But their latest release has tapped into Latin elements, highlighting that the group is fully prepared to continue evolving sonically and take the world by storm. With its Latin-infused beats, catchy hook, fierce raps, and intriguing melody, “DOMINO” was made for one thing — to get listeners hyped up. The high-energy track will likely appeal to fans of experimental K-pop groups such as ATEEZ, NCT, and OMEGA X.

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Other tracks in this week’s Sunday Spin playlist include “Espresso” by Sabrina Carpenter, “My Divine” by Sarah Kang and Philip Shibata, Dew’s “747” and “Lilac” by Mrs. GREEN APPLE. Listen to everything mentioned and more, curated by Team EnVi only for you on Spotify.

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