On April 18, French Maison Louis Vuitton unveiled its first-ever Voyager Show (Pre-Fall 2024) at the Long Museum West Bund in China. Creative director Nicolas Ghesquière has revealed his inter-season collections all around the globe for years. However, this installment marked the debut of the “Voyager” concept for pre-season collections. 

Once Louis Vuitton docked in Shanghai, pop star Jackson Wang was ready to showcase his fashion adroitness. A fire get-up, black gloves, and a fuzzy animal beanie were key points of Wang’s eclectic garb. 

Jackson’s A-plus Look 

From the color blocking to the unique silhouettes, Jackson’s outfit nodded to the colorful universe showcased in Louis Vuitton’s Pre-Fall 2024 runway — vibrant colors and joyful prints created in collaboration with artist Sun Yitian enlived the catwalk. 

The combination of dark orange clothes and black tights tied back to his iconic suit from Coachella 2023. To further enhance the ensemble, Wang sported the funkiest accessories. Aligning with men’s beauty trends, the Hong Kong native matched the look with midnight gloves and tiny frames

Finally, an animal wool beanie bestowed the look with the perfect quirky touch. Cute but stylish, the pointy ears subscribed to the feline aesthetic spotted on Louis Vuitton’s show, where animated animals such as leopards were incorporated onto the clothes. Sat atop his bleached frock, the hat evoked the “Cheetah” vocalist’s cutest streetwear affinities. 

Photo courtesy of Louis Vuitton

Animal Hats are in Vogue

Yes, cuddly animal hats are still in vogue. In recent years, hats with animal ear details have seen popularity boost in the K-pop scene. In 2023, NewJeans’ hit single “OMG” popularized the bunny hat trend, quickly extending to other types of animal hats. Knitted beanies all sorts of animal ears — long or short — became a mainstay on any idol’s wardrobe. The affinity resulted in the luxury streetwear brand Charles Jeffery Loverboy becoming a staple for stylists and fans alike. 

The trend has also resurged in the West in 2024. Brands like Safety Bear, Coperni, and KNWLS have quickly become popular among global fashionistas. Now, animalistic accouterments can be found on all sorts of pieces, including hoodies. 

As one of the most sought-after stars in fashion, Jackson Wang did what he does best — challenged the norm. Taking an unconventional yet cozy hat to the front row of a fashion show, the singer did not go unnoticed and his look will be talked about for some time. After all, animal hats have been deemed the perfect pre-fall accessory by the fashion industry elite and Jackson is leading the trend.  

Photo courtesy of Louis Vuitton

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