Izzy Savides, the multi-instrumentalist and musical prodigy, is about to make waves in the music scene with their debut single, “Prison in the Suburbs,” released on October 5th. Their upcoming EP, Potato World, promises to be a captivating journey into an experimental, groovy, sensitive, and psychedelic world. Their new single and music video, “Autumn in the Atlantis,” is also available for viewing now.

EnVi had the opportunity to chat with Izzy over a call in this exclusive interview. We delved into the inspiration behind their music, the intricate creative process that shapes their work, and the profound aspirations they hold as an artist.

From Anger to Imagination to Music 

Izzy Savides draws inspiration from the most unexpected of places. Their debut single, “Prison in the Suburbs,” is an “evocative blend of anger and positive aesthetics” as Izzy described it. A testament to their penchant for musical juxtaposition, Izzy described “Prison in the Suburbs” as a deeply personal track that delves into themes of isolation and childhood experiences, and acknowledged that “this song probably resonates a little bit more with people who have similar angry feelings like me.” However, they remain steadfast in their mission to craft music that strikes a universal chord, balancing between personal storytelling and relatability.

While Izzy’s single explores their personal journey, it’s their upcoming EP, Potato World, that encapsulates their unique imagination. The enigmatic title is rooted in an experience at Disneyland during a school trip. In a room with only a colossal potato for company, they said, “I felt like I was losing my mind, so I started writing these lyrics about it.” This unorthodox source of inspiration permeates the entire EP, offering a glimpse into the vivid imagination that propels their artistry.

From these two releases, Izzy’s take on music is evident. “Prison in the Suburbs” embodies a profound narrative that speaks to their individual experiences, and Potato World stands as a symbol of their boundless creativity, both combining to create a musical universe uniquely their own.

Crafting The Izzy Savides Sound

Izzy Savides isn’t merely a singer and songwriter; they are a versatile musician with an array of instruments at their command. Their journey began early in life, and, in their own words, they are “entirely self-taught.” They recounted, “I played keyboard when I was 2-3, I started playing guitar maybe at 8, I picked up trumpet and French horn at 11, and then bass at 13.” Today, the bass has taken center stage in their musical endeavors, they explained. “Now, bass is my primary instrument in most of my songs, especially my new ones.” This versatile approach to instrumentation allows Izzy to explore fresh musical territories while retaining their signature style, ensuring their music remains both innovative and engaging.

Izzy’s journey into self-production is also a testament to their dedication and unwavering talent. Beginning the process during their junior year in high school, they committed to their vision wholeheartedly. As Izzy described it, “I slept in the studio for two months,” and this grueling effort proved to be a monumental learning experience and a significant milestone in their musical journey. While Izzy is averse to the mainstream, they have an appreciation for it and are open to working with a wide range of artists. Their dream collaborations include names like Remi Wolf, Tyler the Creator, and Caroline Rose

Izzy’s musical influences cast a wide net, drawing inspiration from a diverse array of artists, including Remi Wolf, Billie Eilish, Radiohead, and System of a Down. “I have a lot of influences. I have a couple of major ones, but really, everyone influences my songs,” they said. What sets Izzy apart is their commitment to learning from these artists without simply mimicking their work. Describing their approach, they said,”I avoid sounding like artists by analyzing what they do.” This meticulous process results in music that is not only unique but has also been acclaimed for its unmistakable originality.

Photo courtesy of Izzy Savides

Multiple Dimensions, One Captivating Sound

Izzy’s musical landscape is painted with the vibrant colors of synesthesia, a phenomenon where they visualize a movie or image when they hear something. This synesthetic experience enriches their songwriting and production, infusing their work with a layer of creativity that’s entirely their own. As Izzy explained, “When I hear music, a lot of the time, I can kind of see a video or image, or some type of visual coming out of it. Sometimes it’s like a color, sometimes it’s like a double movie.” 

Izzy’s music is so diverse and experimental one might be curious how they maintain a sense of cohesion while experimenting with diverse musical elements. According to Izzy, they skillfully incorporate experimental ideas into their music, ensuring their audience always has something to grasp, even when faced with unconventional sounds. This approach, inspired by some of their favorite artists, culminates in a captivating listening experience. “I kind of want to have one thing that locks you in, and that way it’s a little bit jarring to listen to because a lot of my favorite songs are written in a similar way. They have 1-2 things that are really crazy and everything else, they’re just grooving along,” they said. 

Izzy’s Instruments to Musical Growth

Izzy’s journey holds invaluable lessons for budding artists. Drawing from their own experience, they emphasize the significance of learning music theory, grasping the basics of music production, and understanding the business side of the industry. Izzy’s message is unambiguous: “Know your stuff.” As Izzy explained, “I think that it really does help to learn theory. A lot of people just mix stuff without knowing theory, and I did that for a long time. But when my music really seemed to blossom was when I learned theory.” 

Currently pursuing music studies at the Berklee School of Music, Izzy acknowledged the advantages of formal education, especially the opportunities it offers for networking within the industry. They recognized the pivotal role of connecting with fellow musicians, noting, “I’ve met some really good friends that are really good with their instruments and are open to recording with me.” 

Within Izzy’s journey, their support system, composed of friends who provide guidance and mentorship, plays an instrumental role in their growth as an artist. Their wisdom and encouragement have been pivotal in shaping Izzy’s musical journey. Izzy’s words reflected the significance of having a strong support network: “All my friends are really wise, so they steer me in the right direction, and now I’m meeting people who are my age and are really good at what they do.” 

Now surrounded by talented young musicians, when asked about feeling pressured to fit a certain mold or sound, Izzy candidly admitted, “I kind of have the opposite reaction. I hate to be one of those who hate the mainstream, but I do have some kind of aversion to anything that is too popular.” However, Izzy doesn’t disregard everything that’s popular. They’re open to embracing elements they admire, such as reggaeton, and finding their own way to integrate them into their music, thereby infiltrating new scenes and expanding their creative horizons.

In a world of mainstream conformity, Izzy Savides stands out as a beacon of originality and creativity. Their music reflects their unique vision, and their journey is a testament to the power of experimentation and the importance of staying true to one’s artistic voice. As they embark on their musical journey, there’s no doubt that Izzy’s unique sound and innovative approach will continue to captivate audiences and inspire fellow musicians for years to come.

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