2023 has been a busy year for KQ Entertainment’s eight-membered k-pop boy group – ATEEZ. Coming off the heels of the European leg of their THE FELLOWSHIP: BREAK THE WALL tour, the group has planned an encore stage back in Seoul, South Korea. The two-day concert will take place from April 28- 29, giving their fans another opportunity to see the popular group live! Needless to say, the group has been booked and busy. Despite their hectic schedule, ATEEZ has managed to keep their fans satisfied by releasing new music. On March 21, ATEEZ made a comeback with their Japanese EP Limitless. The EP features the title track “Limitless,” which was previously released on January 8 as the OST for the Japanese anime Duel Masters Win, along with the b-side track“DIAMOND,” and the instrumentals to both tracks. 

ATEEZ Knows Your Potential is “Limitless”

Although the song was featured as the OST for Duel Masters Win, the full version of “Limitless” was released on March 21, along with its music video. 

While the track was created for Duel Masters Win, it perfectly mirrors ATEEZ’s signature sound. “Limitless” is a powerful track, with a menacing bass in the intro and an electric synth in the chorus. The song is masterfully composed, and the members’ vocals lay atop the track seamlessly. The lyrics build up synchronously with the instrumental as the members sing of moving forward and accomplishing their goals while believing in their potential. The chorus is emphasized with a clear call to action: “That’s right we are fighters, we gonna be a winner. This possibility is Limitless.” 

The music video itself also conveys this message of surpassing one’s potential. The visuals are dark, with the members seen in a dark gym and black scenery that almost blends away into the background. Save for the bright pops of color in some of the members’ outfits and props, like the archery target, the image portrayed is that of darkness. The darkness symbolizes the adversity the group sings of pushing beyond. The members are seen in the video intensely working out and trying their best at their respective sports (archery and fencing) although they ultimately fail. It isn’t until the silent bridge where San softly states “With the wind in your face, overtake yourself,” that it is revealed that the only thing holding ATEEZ back is themselves – thus proving that one’s potential is indeed “Limitless.”

Pressure Can Create a “DIAMOND”

Alongside “Limitless” ATEEZ also released the slower-paced “DIAMOND.” Even though “DIAMOND” does not contain the same intensity as its companion, it shows off the gentle side of ATEEZ. The second track is an upbeat song, with a playful yet nostalgic chorus that is a complete departure from “Limitless.” “DIAMOND” is a hopeful pop song with a familiar kick and snare accompanied by the sweet vocals of the group. The song conveys the meaning that as the listener runs toward their dreams, they will never be alone. Main rapper, Mingi, drives home the message of the song as he proclaims “Always be on your side, even if I hit a wall, it’s going to be alright.” 


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