On July 25, ATEEZ released the first official music video teaser for their title track “Guerrilla” from their upcoming album THE WORLD EP.1: MOVEMENT. Judging by the second official music video teaser on July 26, the eight-member boy group continues their storyline of anarchy against the government in “Guerrilla.”

That’s Who We Are

The first trailer opens with a view of a futuristic city skyline as classical opera music plays in the background, giving a sense of tranquility. Viewers bear witness to a group of mysterious men on the roof as they appear to be in the midst of preparing for something. Though their identities and intentions are unknown, there is nothing that appears out of place nor suspicious.

As each unidentified man walks off camera, the last man is seen staring off into the distance. It is then that the symbol on their uniforms is revealed. The symbol is similar to the hourglass shape of the ‘Cromer’—the hourglass relic used to create new dimensions and timelines within ATEEZ’s storyline. It is then that the teaser grows ominous, as the original peace is shattered with sounds of an emergency alarm system.

As the lyrics “break the wall” start to blare in the background like a war cry, the unknown men are revealed as the octet disguised under different faces. Leader Hongjoong is then revealed as he removes his disguise. One can only assume the leader is ready to revolt against the oppressive government in the music video universe.

We Are The Guerrillas

The intensity in the second music video teaser picks up right where the first left off. The video kicks off with doors opening to reveal ATEEZ member Seonghwa with “break the wall” roaring in the background. Different clips showing other members in the midst of preparation flash by—San packing a bag, Yunho on the phone, and Yeosang in an undisclosed location as he oversees their operations.

The second teaser also gives fans another look at the choreography for “Guerrilla.” In their recently released performance video for the title track, one could link “Guerrilla” to previous songs, like “Answer,” through similar dance formations. The outfits worn in the second teaser also appear to be redesigned clothing similar to the ones worn in their “HALA HALA” era. This clip re-introduces fans to halateez, the darker version of ATEEZ from a parallel universe within their storyline narrative.

The teaser comes to a close as an ON AIR sign flashes to signal that “Guerrilla” is blasting on speakers across the city in rebellion against the government. Following the ATEEZ storyline, it is understood that within the dimension halateez is stuck in, the government keeps their citizens subdued by banning music, dance, and art. Their upcoming album THE WORLD EP.1: MOVEMENT continues where hints and clues from their previous fever series—ZERO: Fever Part.1, ZERO: Fever Part.2, ZERO: Fever Part.3 and ZERO: Fever Epilogue—left off. 

Cinematic Brilliance

Many ATEEZ fans, known as ATINY, shared their thoughts on the “Guerrilla” teasers, noting that the music video teasers are a show of cinematic brilliance.

ATINY also showed their appreciation for the world-building in the teasers. Each teaser and preview brings fans into the different dimensions present in ATEEZ’s storyline.

The 8-member group is set to release their album, THE WORLD EP.1: MOVEMENT on July 29. Make sure to keep up with ATEEZ on social media by following their official accounts on Instagram and Twitter.

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