K-pop supergroup NCT, known for their unique concept and distinct sound, have competition! Ever since WayV’s Xiaojun and NCT DREAM’s Chenle showed fans their dogs, NCTzens have been swerving lanes. Bella and Daegal have stolen the hearts of fans globally, making NCTzens eager to see more of the two “neo” pets. In celebration of International Dog Day, here is a list of unforgettable moments everyone should know about NCity’s most popular pups.


The Baddest Beagle Bella

Sharing a name with the main character of Twilight, Bella is Xiaojun’s daughter and one of three pets in WayV. He revealed her to the public last year in May on social media. Since then, the beagle has become a beacon of light for WayV and fans alike. The good and bad are just too cute!

  • Bella Peeing on the Floor in Xiaojun’s Live – During one of Xiaojun’s live broadcasts, Bella suddenly peed on their carpet. Fans heard Xiaojun freaking out as the camera caught the whole incident. 
  • Hendery Watches As Bella Sits In Time Out – On one of Hendery’s recent Instagram stories, Hendery posted a video of Bella sitting on her butt in time out. It turns out she ate a burger and pooped on the floor. Her expression was priceless!
  • Xiaojun Annoying Bella – Xiaojun and Bella’s dynamic is too cute! He loves to annoy Bella while she rests, and this video shows it!  
  • Bella’s Birthday Cake – On her birthday, Xiaojun posted a video of Bella and her birthday cake! You can hear him singing “Happy Birthday” while she looks confused. 


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  • Bella Gets Yelled At in Three Languages –  Lucas, Xiaojun, and Hendery caught Bella on their dining table and captured the moment in a short clip — her expression looking as though she was a deer caught in headlights.  Hendery watched as Lucas and Xiaojun scolded her in multiple languages. Bella is a multilingual queen!
  • Bella’s New Trick –  On August 27, Xiaojun went live on Instagram and showed fans Bella’s new trick! He tossed treats to her and she was able to catch them with her mouth. She’s too precious!
  • Bella And Louis Play – In this video, Bella can be seen playing with Ten’s cat, Louis! The two babies tousled on WayV’s black couch. It was such a heartwarming interaction.


Our Dearest Daegal 

Introduced to the public in December of 2020, Daegal is Chenle’s daughter. The bichon’s name can be translated to “big head,” which is a trait Chenle is also known for.

  • Daegal’s First Live – Last year, Chenle went live with Weibo in late December to show NCTzens his new pup! In the live broadcast, Chenle and Daegal can be seen cuddling and spending quality time together— a dreamy father-daughter duo.
  • Chenle’s Grooming Services, Daegal’s Choppy Haircut  – Fans went into a frenzy upon seeing Daegal’s choppy haircut earlier this year. Although her hair was full of clumps and bald spots, she still looked cute! Chenle publicly apologized for the mishap on Weibo. He later shared that he cut her hair after being unable to make an appointment. 
  • Daegal’s NCT Video Debut – Daegal debuted on NCT’s official YouTube page on January 21 with her own music video for “Chewing Gum.” The video takes clips of Daegal running around the SM Entertainment dance practice room and playing. 

  • Daegal’s Convoluted Relationship Tree – Chenle’s daughter, Haechan’s girlfriend, Jisung’s mom, and Mark’s sister, Daegal has quite an interesting family tree. According to Haechan earlier this year, the pair will be getting married. Hopefully she gets Chenle’s blessing!
  • Deagal’s Waggy Tail – In a short video, Daegal can be seen laying down on the floor. Chenle zoomed in on her fluffy tail, which she wagged very fast. It is nice to see the princess is happy! 
  • Chenle Shames Daegal For Peeing on the Floor – Chenle took to Weibo to expose Daegal for peeing on the floor. Her cuteness makes it hard for anyone to be angry— even Chenle!
  • Daegal’s “Kick It” Cover – With the help of her boyfriend, Haechan, Daegal danced to NCT 127’s hit song “Kick It.” Glad to see Daegal showing fans some new thangs. You’ve probably never seen a dog dance to “Kick It.” 

Thank you Xiaojun and Chenle for introducing NCTzens and WayZenNi to the two puppy princesses! Though we have yet to really see the two dogs interact, there is one picture with the girls. Fans are always ready to see more content from the two neo pets! EnVi wishes Bella and Daegal a Happy International Dog Day!

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