WayV may have moved out of their old dorm, but the members are domestic as ever. On June 9, the group released a teaser for “Our Home: WayV with Little Friends,” their upcoming merch line. The stars? WayV’s pets: Louis, a Siamese cat; Leon, an Abyssinian cat; and Bella, a Beagle.

The teaser, edited like the opening credits to a sitcom, shows the WayV members taking family portraits with their furry children. Bella gets doted on by members Lucas and Xiaojun, Louis hides from the photographers, and Leon wears matching glasses with cat parent, Ten. 



Little Drawings of Little Friends

The merch line, available for preorder on June 9 at 3 PM KST, comprises of T-shirts, a hardcover photobook (reminiscent of a family photo album), photocards, and more. A few of the items are printed with minimalist designs of the animals. Other pieces from the line, including keychains and a sticker set, use doodles hand-drawn by the members. 




NCT’s Newest Members

Given NCT’s concept, fans of the ever-expanding boy group were quick to joke about the ‘debut’ of the WayV pet line. Since the introduction of vocalist Chenle’s dog Daegal in 2020, NCTzens have been making playful speculations about the formation of a fifth NCT subunit: NCT P, comprised solely of members’ pets (of which there are many). 

Some even went so far as to theorize about the role of Bella, Leon, and Louis in the SMCU. As SM’s “Culture Universe,” the SMCU plays off the idea of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, linking SM’s artists through interconnected storylines.   


Who’s Next?

After news of WayV’s merch line dropped, fans began speculating which pets would be next. Previously, SM artists Sehun and Taeyeon have collaborated with Korean fashion brand SPAO to bring their own pet-themed clothing lines to life.



Since their February comeback, WayV members Lucas and Winwin have been participating in individual schedules in China. For many WayZenNi, it was heartwarming to see the entire WayV family—fondly referred to as “OT10,” with the inclusion of the three pets—together again, even if just in this brief teaser. 

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Thumbnail Courtesy of SM Entertainment