By: Aurora Rose Carpio | @heyaurorarose


The nine-piece OPM folk-pop band from the Philippines, Ben&Ben, made a surprise announcement on their Twitter account last May 26, that they’ll be remaking their famous 2017 single “Leaves” featuring the bassist of the South Korean band Day6, Young K.

Ben&Ben Young K




Behind the Lyrics

Ben&Ben explained the message behind the song lyrics with “‘all will be alright in time’ is more relevant than ever, all over the world. We hope you like it!” Bringing hope and strength to fans during these difficult times.



This is Young K’s first collaboration with a Filipino artist and both My Days, the fans of Day6, and Liwanags, the fandom name for Ben&Ben fans, were thrilled for this remake. The fans shared their excitement by trending the two artists on Twitter’s Philippines Trends.

Ben&Ben Young K

Young K


Fan Efforts

The collaboration was also made possible by the help of their fans. The interaction between the two artists started by fan recommendations which Young K noticed on one of his Vlives back in July 2020. The Korean artist shared that he was surprised and amazed upon listening to the band’s song “Leaves” and would be honored to have a collaboration with them. 


Making Names in Korea

Aside from Young K, Ben&Ben has also been noticed by other Korean artists like Mark Lee of NCT, BamBam from GOT7, and Twice’s Momo among many others. Due to these successive recommendations, they dominated Melon’s real-time chart with “Leaves” which is a huge feat for a Filipino artist. As a huge thanks for this achievement, the band covered different K-pop songs for their very first episode of BBTV, a Youtube series vlog.

You can listen to the remake of “Leaves” on Spotify, Itunes & Apple Music. The Ben&Ben members will also go live on Instagram with Young K on May 28 at 6 PM to celebrate the release. Are you excited about this OPM and K-pop collaboration?

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Thumbnail Courtesy of Ben&Ben and JYP Entertainment