Best of Fall Fragrances: K-pop Fan Certified


As fall approaches, many of us are swapping our summer faves for autumn must-haves, and that includes fragrances. Wanting to smell the best they can, K-pop fans from all over the world have submitted some of their best-loved fragrances. 

A Classic 

Handle: @LuvJyani

Pronouns: He/him 

Location: USA

Ult group: NCT

Current favorite fragrance: Versace Dylan Blue

Price: $50

Why do you love it for fall? It’s a nice classic scent that isn’t too strong but keeps you smelling nice all day. It sticks to clothes so I don’t need to worry about reapplying.”

Scent breakdown: According to Versace, this fragrance contains “bold ambrox notes and hints of bergamot and grapefruit.”

Versace's Dylan Blue




Handle: @nctteaparty

Pronouns: She/her

Location: India

Ult group: NCT, SHINee and many more!

Current favorite fragrance: Hermes Voyage D’Hermes

Price: $147

Why do you love it for fall? “I love the fragrance for almost any season as it is a combination of fresh and woody notes. I don’t prefer scents that are too sweet or too dark. This is the perfect light day scent yet it has character and depth due to cedar notes. Moreover, SHINee’s Jonghyun revealed that this was his favorite perfume!”

Scent breakdown: Hermes breaks down the scent of this fragrance as having “fresh woody notes, the brightness of juniper berries, which contrasts with the energy of cedar, and the softness of white musks.” 

Voyage D'Hermes


Sweet and Cozy 

Handle: @yerisivy

Pronouns: She/her/they/them

Location: USA

Ult group: Red Velvet 

Current favorite fragrance: Fresh Cream and Warm Cashmere

Price: $22

Why do you love it for fall? “It’s a light and sweet scent, but it still has a cozy feeling to it.”

Scent breakdown: With “hints of vanilla,” Philosophy promises an “essential,” “indulgent,” and “extravagant” experience with this “fresh cream” scent.

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Handle: @cinnamocho 

Pronouns: She/her

Location: Malaysia 

Ult group: NCT Dream 

Current favorite fragrance: Japanese Cherry Blossom Strawberry Kiss Eau De Toilette

Price: $12.97

Why do you love it for fall? “The scent is sweet yet a bit musky! It reminds me of the strawberry tea that I always get at my favorite cafe during the fall season. But to be honest, I use it for every season haha. It’s definitely my all time favorite fragrance. If you like a fruity scent, I would surely recommend this fragrance.”

Scent Breakdown: Composed of “sweet and fruit” tones, this fragrance is infused “with the scent of Japanese cherry blossoms and refreshingly juicy notes of strawberries, pink peony, and amber so that you feel irresistibly fruity and fragrant.”

Japanese Cherry Blossom Strawberry Kiss


Florals in Fall 

Handle: @fendicheol

Pronouns: She/her

Location: USA

Ult group: Got7, NCT

Current favorite fragrance: YSL Libre 

Price: $162

Why do you love it for fall: “It has a beautiful floral essence mixed with a sophistication that’s not overpowering.”

Scent breakdown: YSL describes this fragrance as “a celebration of freedom: a fragrance for those who do what they want and dare to be exactly who they are.” The scent includes notes of lavender oil, Moroccan orange blossom and Musk. 

YSL's Libre
Handle: @taylor_louisem

Pronouns: She/her

Location: UK

Ult group: NCT, Stray Kids

Current favorite fragrance: PARFUMS de MARLY DELINA

Price: $266.28

Why do you love it for fall? “It’s on the pricier side but it was originally given as a gift to me, since then I am OBSESSED. It’s great all year round but going into fall I specifically like its spicier notes from the nutmeg. It lasts all day, which is great, especially since I’m going back to university and already have to carry a lot- I can’t keep a perfume bottle in my bag. A genuinely great investment!”

Scent breakdown: Selfridges says that this fragrance “is a floral bouquet”. The scent is “dominated by Turkish rose, but also facets of lily of the valley and peony. An accompanying trio of lychee, rhubarb and bergamot, set off by nutmeg, delivers power and vivacity. Vanilla underlines the sensuality of the composition, intertwining with white musks and cashmeran. Finally, woods and frankincense envelop the creation in depth and mystery.”


Scents and Nostalgia 

Handle: @peachentine 

Pronouns: She/her

Location: USA

Ult group: NCT127

Current favorite fragrance: Phlur’s Hepcat

Price: $96

Why do you love it for fall? “It has a rich, slightly decadent plum top note with a smoky tobacco/leather heart, undercut by the spicy warmth of patchouli, vetiver and oud, that makes it perfect for a cool, crisp fall day. Like all of Phlur’s fragrances, this one is also unisex and clean!”

Scent breakdown: Marketed as “rough-round-the-edges. Stirring. Seductive. Self-assured,” this fragrance is built with notes of plum, rich woody tones and a smoky flavor. 

Phlur's Hepcat
Handle: @graytrio

Pronouns: She/her

Location: USA

Ult group: NCT127

Current favorite fragrance: Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue

Price: $121.53

Why do you love it for fall? “This scent contains the essence of summer, which puts me in a nostalgic mood in the fall, thinking of all the beautiful experiences I had in the season prior, as during fall, summer is long gone.”

Scent breakdown: This fruity fragrance has a “tangy sharp, addictive duo of scents: luminous lemon and crisp green apple.” Its heart notes include Marigold and Jasmine, whilst the base notes are made up of Amberwoods and cedarwoods, along with Musk.


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