Up-and-coming Filipino fashion brand .ARCHIVES  presented their latest collection, “Digital Oasis,” on July 28. For the occasion, the label set up a futuristic enclosure covered by sleek silver tiles that perfectly aligned with the brand’s contemporary DNA. A geometric piece took center stage as models walked down the runway dressed in progressive looks filled with design intricacies and textile innovation. The highlight of the night, however, was seeing Gelo and Mikki, from P-pop boy group BGYO, make their modeling debut on the runway.


In case you’re missing out, BGYO is currently one of the hottest Pinoy music groups. Formed from ABS-CBN’s training ground, Star Hunt Academy, the group officially debuted in 2021, consisting of five members: Gelo, the leader of the group; Akira, who takes on lead vocals; JL, the main vocalist; Mikki, in charge of the rapping; and Nate, the main dancer and youngest of the group. Despite their assigned roles, the members are known to excel across fields, which earned them the nickname of the “Aces of P-pop.

The group’s name, pronounced Bee-Gee-Why-Oh, stands for “Be the Change, Go Further, You and I, Originally Filipino.” As the name suggests, the group’s music tackles topics like youth empowerment, growing pains and even social matters. With messages that touch on issues relevant to the younger generation, it’s no shocker that their music resonates with young people from around the world. In fact, the boys have been hit-makers since their debut days, appearing in the Billboard Next Big Song chart. Likewise, their single “He’s Into Her” earned them the 2021 Asian Academy Creative Awards for Best Theme Song.

The Runway Debut 

As the group continues to rise in popularity, the members are also expanding their presence into new territories — and this time, they’re taking over the runways. In .ARCHIVES’ latest presentation, the group’s resident cool guy, Mikki, and their charismatic leader, Gelo, shed their boyband charm to transform into futuristic and sultry models. 


#BGYO | Rehearsal and actual walk of Gelo and Mikki at .Archives Fashion Show last night! ♠ #dotarchives #digitaloasis #fashionshow #fyp #foryoupage #model #ppop

♬ original sound – BGYO PH – BGYO PH

On the runway, Mikki donned a hooded leather coat with spikes trailing up the hood, for a punkish look. On the other hand, Gelo strutted with an oversized shearling coat with popped collars, paired with a turtleneck and chains. 

Get to Know .ARCHIVES

Just like BGYO, .ARCHIVES is part of the new generation of Filipino talent that’s ready to take the world by storm. Run by fashion designer Ellis Co and with the creative direction of Reika Mayani, .ARCHIVES is a budding fashion brand recognized for its subversive designs and architectural silhouettes. Inspired by Rei Kawakubo and Junya Watanabe, Co is keen on creating pieces that reinterpret and challenge beauty standards and design norms in the current fashion landscape.

Led by young talents — who are freshly entering their 20s — .ARCHIVES designs clothes that cater to Gen Z’s sensibilities. “The dot_Archive person and/or profile is basically us, and our friends who, like us, love hip-hop and R&B music, as well as passionate creations and who are not afraid to wear what they like,” said Co in a talk with Philstar. Co also shared that he finds himself expressing his emotions through his garments. 

With the mission of defying the fashion codes surrounding them, the .ARCHIVES team continues to create clothes that “feel right for them,” expanding their sartorial universe one collection at a time. It helps, of course, that the brand is also teaming up with A-list Pinoy stars to create headline-worthy moments on the runways. 

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