Since his debut in 2017, singer-songwriter JUNNY has garnered attention for his artistry, lyricism, and unique vocal color. The rising Korean-Canadian act has written a number of singles for well-known artists such as IU and EXO as well as released his own catalog of music and cover songs that have caught the attention of artists and music-listeners alike. Leading up to his next album, blanc, JUNNY dropped a pre-release single, “Color Me” with CHUNG HA. His album will be followed by his first ever North American tour of the same name. From September 4 through September 16, the multi-hyphenate will be touring Canada and the United States as part of The ‘blanc’ Tour. 

Tickets for the tour will be available on July 25 on Unbound Entertainment Group’s website. JUNNY kicks off his tour in Los Angeles on September 4, and will travel to other major cities such Brooklyn and Montreal, where he will close his tour.

On The Upcoming Album

Leading up to the announcement, the singer dropped an image of the definition of the word “blanc” and an image with it written multiple times.

blanc, or the word blank as most know it, is described by JUNNY as being “empty or clear, and containing no information.” This revelation teases the message of his upcoming album. JUNNY is a blank canvas that soaks up the colors of those around him. The album focuses on his growth as an individual with songs that reflect his life as a young adult in his twenties. Both a memoir and “farewell to his youth,” blanc is the embodiment of the singer’s experiences. 

JUNNY teased his album with two pre-release singles: “Get Ya!” featuring pH-1 and “Color Me” featuring CHUNG HA. “Get Ya!” is a confession of sorts. The upbeat R&B track describes how he is falling for a girl and wants to get into her life, while “Color Me” has a more alluring mood about physical desire.

These collaborations set up the theme of the album well, showing his synergy with different artists as well as painting two different narratives about love.

What’s Next?

Global fans can look forward to seeing the rising act across continents. In addition to his North American tour in September, JUNNY will be touring Europe in late August. 

In the meantime, fans can anticipate more information about JUNNY’s album, as well as more lighthearted social media posts with the singer-songwriter doing his “Color Me” dance challenge.

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