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B.I Got it Like That

Courtesy of 131LABEL


The only thing that can top an unexpected music release is an unexpected music collaboration. A few days ago, former IKON member, Kim Hanbin,—better known by his stage name B.I—hinted at both of them in a 21-second video featuring “Tomboy” singer Destiny Rogers and Post Malone collaborator, Tyla Yaweh. Today May 14, “Got It Like That,” is out in the world. Produced by Grammy winners, The Stereotypes—who have previously worked with the likes of Bruno Mars and Cardi B,—the track is described as a fusion of Pop, R&B, and K-Pop. 

Jay B Got it Like That cover

Courtesy of 131LABEL

Though this team-up caught fans off guard, this is hardly a shocking collaboration. B.I started his journey as a solo artist and launched his own label, 131LABEL, with big plans in sight. Among others, he wishes to push the boundaries of Korean music to a “more global mainstream spotlight.” It only makes sense that the 24-year-old rapper tapped two artists from diverse backgrounds—who represent perfectly the global scene he is aiming to conquer—to collaborate in this song. 

Along with the single, a music video was released. B.I, Destiny and Tyla are seen showcasing their singing and rapping while doing some casual dancing in an architectural setting. Some aesthetic choices like the scenes captured through a fisheye lens, unique camera angles, and the partial blurs add to the relaxed vibe of the song, reminiscing of iconic music videos of the ’90s. 

The music video perfectly portrays the inspiration behind “Got It Like That.” According to the artists, “the song is about feeling comfortable and cool with yourself before worrying about what anyone else will think. We want you to feel good about feeling yourself no matter what you have or don’t have.” The groovy single definitely achieves the purpose with a sound that invites you to move and sing along with the contagious and confident lyrics. 


B.I. Joins Tik Tok 

This music release was also accompanied by B.I joining the short-sharing platform, Tik Tok, where he posted a video of himself dancing to his new song.


we got it like that🔥 @0beenjoo #BI #GOTITLIKETHAT #DestinyRogers #TylaYaweh

♬ 오리지널 사운드 – B.I – B.I

Fan Reactions 

Fans reacted positively to B.I’s new material, quickly taking it to Twitter to gush about “Got It Like That.”


Chart Performance

It is no surprise that the song, which is almost entirely in English, debuted at #3 on Melon’s Rising Chart and gathered a million views on YouTube in less than 15 hours. 


B.I Looking Forward

However, “Got It Like That,” is only a taste of B.I’s upcoming album that will be released at the end of May. Amounting to the 66 songs listed under his name with the Korea Music Copyright Association, there will be 12 songs that are meant to reflect his personal story. 

You can listen to “Got it Like That” on all platforms and follow B.I on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music.

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