Bring Your A+ Game with These 5 AAPI Study YouTubers

By: Maureen Linzaga
Thumbnail courtesy of Carolyne (Chi) Chang

There’s no better time than the New Year to get started on resolutions and set academic goals. For many students, this means harnessing motivation to get back on the grind with the hopes of achieving greater success in the fields they pursue. 

To guide students on this path of self-improvement in 2024, EnVi has compiled a list of five AAPI YouTubers who create study content with their unique niches and experiences. From straightforward advice to keep you consistent to mentors who play the role of an older sibling, guiding you through student life, there’s a channel for everyone. Read on to discover invaluable strategies tailored to your style that will help you find a sense of community throughout your academic journey.

linh truong 

Washington, D.C.-based content creator Linh Truong captures aesthetically pleasing, film-like visuals in her study vlogs to help viewers romanticize college life, (yes, even the sleepless nights of finals week!) appreciating the small moments in their academic journey. As a nonbinary Vietnamese and Chinese-American student, Truong also delves into the importance of identity in decorating a home and workspace and finding a personal fashion style that makes you feel most yourself and comfortable.Surrounded in an environment personalized to you, then tackle studies and your pursued career with utmost motivation and confidence.

In a recent video, Truong emphasizes the significance of hobbies like reading books, making art, and playing video games, offering an approach to overcoming academic burnout and as a way to “redefine daily routines to achieve a better balance between work and life”. If you’re lucky, you can even catch her cat Kayla in the b-rolls of her videos sending extra motivation your way!

EnVi‘s Pick


Jspark is an up-and-coming YouTuber best known for his short videos and to-the-point academic advice, embellished with humor, and fast-paced editing. As a Korean student based in the United Kingdom, jspark’s videos often include witty yet honest stories of the Asian experience surrounding high academic expectations, especially noted in his most popular video, “the ASIAN SECRET to STUDYING EFFECTIVELY.” 

Jspark challenges the conventional idea of a good student by emphasizing self-improvement through a growth mindset. He reinvents viewers’ perspectives on studying, extending tips on making it an enjoyable task rather than a daunting one. He also advocates for consistent practices such as regularly going to the gym, adopting a brain-boosting diet, and reducing social media usage for a holistic academic journey.

EnVi‘s Pick

mikayla mags

Creating aesthetically Pinterest-worthy videos, the California-based lifestyle and study vlogger Mikayla Maglalang also finds beauty in student life, sharing “big sister” advice to a predominantly female audience. Her honest, realistic vlogs and personal video journals help students and viewers find comfort in the ups and downs of college life, building a sense of community in the process.

Maglalang also highlights organization and utilizing products to improve your routines and productivity, as she often shares her favorite items, even vlogging her back-to-school shopping sprees. Students aspiring to become “it girls” can enhance their experience by having her as a guide while they set new goals for themselves this year.

EnVi‘s Pick


Faceless YouTuber and grad school student yulma from South Korea currently has one of the most unique channels in StudyTube. On top of not showing her face in videos, yulma creates hours-long videos of herself exclusively studying, with the camera focused on her taking notes, reading books, doing schoolwork, and more. Videos of this style, often titled “study with me” vlogs, are meant for fellow students to put in the background as if to have a virtual study buddy.

Yulma’s videos in particular utilize sound effects such as relaxing fireplace and rain sounds for concentration. Yulma also uses the Pomodoro technique, which, explained by, involves breaking your work time into 25 minutes, taking five-minute breaks in between, and finally taking a longer break during the fourth repetition.

EnVi‘s Pick

🗒️ 2HR STUDY WITH MEㅣcrackling firepalce + gentle rainㅣpomodoro 25/5, with bell + timer


Malaysian study YouTuber Faye Ng expressed in her channel “About” page that she once “found it difficult to find local role models whom she can learn from and relate to.” After deciding to step up and post videos for students who may feel the same way, Ng began to fulfill these needs herself by creating “study with me” videos and tips that other students can learn from.

Ng’s content is also innovative and experimental, as she tries tools and techniques such as using AI to help her memorize 400 pages of notes within 24 hours, testing out TikTok hacks, trying Japanese study techniques, and more, helping students learn their style, especially during the new year that leaves room for new routines.

EnVi‘s Pick

As the 2024 academic journey begins, let these AAPI creators motivate you to start the year strong and bring your A+ game to every study session. From Linh Truong’s aesthetic inspiration to jspark’s witty advice and more, discover your perfect StudyTube companion for a successful year ahead!

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