CAMO, derived from CAsh MOney, is a Hong-Kong born rapper based in South Korea. She first debuted in March of 2020 with the EP ICE. Months after her last release, she is back with a new single titled, “Freak Like Me.” Released on January 14, 2022, with an accompanying music video, “Freak Like Me” is a catchy hip-hop track with direct and frank lyrics. 

The song is rhythmic and effortlessly fluid, fitting right in with contemporary K-R&B and hip-hop. With the heavy use of steady beats and layers of synth over a relaxed, easy flow, “Freak Like Me” has a groovy yet melodic feel. The infectious track is also complemented with strong lyrics. CAMO is confident, singing “I know you love a freak like me,” and “But I know you want more.” At the same time, CAMO is not afraid to express what she wants. She raps “Don’t you ever take your both hands off of me.”  With her straightforward lyrics and strong presence, CAMO does not hold back. 

Written by CAMO herself, “Freak Like Me” showcases the talent the artist has for writing catchy and addicting lyrics. The song was also composed by CAMO and her labelmate Dayrick. The two have previously collaborated on the song “Fragile” off of her EP of the same name. The sound paired with strong lyrics, highlight CAMO’s unique artistry. 

Lighting Up the Streets of Europe 

The music video starts with clips from CAMO’s sold-out shows in London and Paris, where she had previously previewed the song. The glimpses of the crowd show the audience singing along and enjoying the track as CAMO sings and interacts with them. 

As the lyrics start, the music video starts switching between scenes of CAMO hanging around various landmarks in London and Paris and of her at her shows. She sings to the camera as we see her on a balcony, chilling at a park, walking the streets of England, and dancing near the Louvre. The countless attractions don’t stop her personality from shining through. Despite the backdrop of classic European aesthetics, she oozes a cool-girl vibe with her trendy street style, bright orange hair, and low-key dance moves.

At the end of the music video, we see CAMO walking away from the camera, but she turns around to look back. It then cuts to a scene of her making a heart with her arms to her fans at the concert. 

Bigger and Better

Despite just debuting in 2020, CAMO is already taking big steps in the Korean rap scene. She has previously collaborated with Simon Dominic on her second single “Wifey.” Debatably her most popular song, “Wifey” is a hip-hop song talking about how she is being pushed away and how two people are scared to commit to each other. 

She has also previously collaborated with BIBI. “TYT” featuring BIBI, produced by DAKSHOOD, is a song about calling out haters and flexing the fact that they are doing well. 

This is just the start and CAMO has a lot more to come. To keep up with her and her upcoming releases, make sure to follow her on Instagram. You can listen to her music on Spotify and Apple Music!

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