Soloist and MAMAMOO member Whee In returned with her second mini-album WHEE. Following her debut solo EP REDD, she was ready to bring back her unique colors and show off a softer and mysterious side.

The Colors of WHEE

Since her debut in 2014, Whee In’s distinct voice tone has captivated fans and casual listeners alike. After the powerful vocal performance on her previous release, she decided to show off a calmer, sweeter side of her vocals on the latest album. Combined with an enigmatic feel both musically and visually, this six-track album promises to show the colorful aura of the singer.

The album was released in two physical versions: “WEST,” which represents the sunset and is related to the color purple, and “EAST,” representing the sunrise and bringing olive and earth tones.

On top of the colors matching the music, a distinct sound that ties together the entire album is the guitar, acoustic and electric, which gives all of the tracks a warm but sophisticated vibe.

Filled With Light

We are greeted first with the title track “오묘해 (Make Me Happy),” a funky track with an addictive bass and charming lo-fi piano chords, showcasing Whee In’s soft vocals. The lyrics were written by RAVI, fellow idol and the head of THE L1VE, the company now responsible for Whee In’s management. The track also has a variety of foreign composers like Sam Klempner – who has worked with SM Entertainment and HYBE artists before – and Jon Eyden.

“Pink Cloud” follows as the second track, where the guitar sounds are especially distinct. The lyrics evoke the album themes of sunset colors through phrases like “the sunset at the end of the day” and “as the gray sky is painted pink.” 

The ethereal and sweet “Letter Filled With Light” comes next, the continuation of “Springtime” from her previous mini-album. With lyrics written by her and music composed by RAVI, the song alludes to the meaning of her name (light) and is a heartfelt letter to her fans.

Up next is “Deserve (Interlude),” a short jazzy track also composed by RAVI. The song focuses on Whee In’s airy and echo-y vocals and emotional lyrics. 

When “Pastel” comes up next, the mood changes completely. The second to last track has a groovy pop sound to which Whee In sings about coloring a gloomy day with pastel colors.

Bringing back the jazzy vibes, “Paraglide” closes off the album. With a charming slow-paced instrumental, the song invites the listener to leave their worries behind and enjoy the moment. Some notable points of the track are the addictive guitar riffs and the beautiful background vocals replying to the top line.

A Listening Experience

Solidifying herself more and more as a versatile solo artist, Whee In provided the perfect soundtrack for the transition of winter to spring. Listening to WHEE from start to finish feels like a precious treat. Whether you’ve been a fan following her growth over the years or a casual listener. Anyone can appreciate the soft and relaxing experience that the album provides with quality music and sincere lyrics.

You can listen to WHEE on Spotify and Apple Music.

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