Cartier Celebrates Trinity Ring’s Centenary with a High-Voltage Event

By: Mayra Peralta and Tianna Chen
Photos courtesy of Cartier and Jeff Satur on Instagram

In 2024, French jeweler Cartier commemorates the centennial of its iconic Trinity ring. The renowned Parisian Maison has spared no efforts to celebrate one of the world’s most recognizable jewelry pieces. In addition to a brand-new campaign, Cartier held events in major fashion capitals, culminating with a high-voltage event in Paris. The grand evening reunited brand ambassadors and Friends of the Maison Jisoo, Jackson Wang, Jeff Saturn and Kimberley Anne Woltemas, among many other A-list stars. 

Trinity New Campaign

To celebrate the history and heritage of the Trinity ring, Cartier presented a campaign featuring brand ambassadors Jisoo, Jackson Wang, Paul Mescal, Yara Shahidi and Labrinth. Set for a print release on March 15, the campaign reimagines the Trinity ring for modern-day sensibilities and showcases its genderless appeal.

“It shows how we work for the sake of a beautiful object but also how the idea that beauty has no gender came very early in our history,” Pierre Rainero, Cartier’s image, style and heritage director, shared in a press statement. 

Trinity History 

For a long time, Cartier’s Trinity ring has been misguidedly attributed to multihyphenate French artist Jean Cocteau. Myths regarding Cocteau’s involvement have gone from suggesting the artist designed the ring (and asked Cartier to fabricate it) to speculating Cocteau was the inspiration behind Louis Cartier’s creation. 

Contrary to popular belief, it was Louis Cartier who conceived the sleek yet iconic design. “Everyone thinks that Cartier created the Trinity ring for Cocteau, but it’s not true,” Marie-Laure Cérède, creative director of watches and jewelry at Cartier, clarified in a recent interview.  

The mystique, however, has contributed to shaping the Trinity ring’s status as a cult item. Throughout the years, the ring amassed a noteworthy and loyal group of patrons, from Cocteau, who sported a pair of Trinity rings on his left pinky finger until his death, to icons such as Grace Kelly, Princess Diana and Romy Schneider. 

Cartier’s celebrated ring was first designed in 1924 and it was publicly introduced in 1925 at the International Exposition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts. Louis Cartier, heir to the Cartier jewelry house, presented an avant-garde construction that stood out at the time for its uncommon mix of gold shades into one piece. 

The Trinity design has also been recognized for its timeless appeal and symbolism, which caters to all types of customers including couples, friend groups and families. The design entails three intertwined bands, each representing a different meaning — platinum for friendship, yellow gold for fidelity, and rose gold for true love. 

Trinity’s 100th Anniversary In Paris 

Cartier’s Trinity Centenary celebrations took place in Paris, New York and London — as a nod to Cartier’s three brothers: Louis, Pierre, and Jacques, who established offices in each of those cities.  

The grand party in Paris, held at Petit Palais on February 7, was a star-studded affair. The guest list included campaign ambassadors Jisoo, Jackson Wang and Yara Shahidi, as well as Friends of the Maison such as Korean actress Roh Yoon-seo, Spanish actor Manu Rios and Thai stars Jeff Satur and Kimberley Anne Woltemas. Brand ambassadors Rami Malek and Emma Chamberlain were also present. 

English singer-songwriter Labrinth, Australian singer Sia and DJ Diplo provided entertainment with music performances.  

Kimberly Anne Woltemas

Thai style icon Kimberley Anne Woltemas is a fixture at nearly every Cartier event around the world. The actress made a gorgeous appearance in a strapless knit dress and long leather gloves. The key point of her minimalist look was the jewelry — gold bracelets stacked on both wrists and a Trinity earring and necklace set. 

Kimberley shared a sneak peek into Cartier’s fabulous party on Instagram. In the series of pictures, the star posed alongside Jisoo, Yara Shahidi, Paul Mescal and Jake Gyllenhaal. 

Jeff Satur

Thai-pop artist and actor Jeff Satur took the bow trend to a whole new level at the Cartier 100th celebration. The KinnPorsche star perfectly embraced one of this year’s most popular trends, opting for a dark glossy black suit that mixed leather pants and a suit jacket. The ultimate details to the star’s outfit were the bows lined up from top to bottom on his slacks. Several long lines adorned the back of his jacket too. 

Satur has been making international headlines with his association with Cartier since last year. The actor was previously present at the opening of Cartier’s store at the Emporium Shopping Complex in Bangkok and has become a noteworthy wearer of the Trinity collection.  “When I first saw the word ‘trinity’ the first word that came to my mind was diversity,” said the KinnPorsche actor in an interview


Idol, actress, and Cartier’s “Golden Girl,” Jisoo, commanded the attention of the room with a regal look, fitted for the brand’s campaign star. The South Korean singer attended the celebration in a sleek, black dress by Alex Perry. The elegant velvet design accentuated the star’s figure with a corseted bodice and long skirt. 

Jisoo sported a slicked-back hairdo that offered the perfect opportunity to show off prestigious diamond jewelry pieces by Cartier, including a pair of earrings, a necklace, and a ring. 

Photo courtesy of Cartier

Jackson Wang

Another Asian sensation creating buzz among fans was none other than longtime Cartier ambassador Jackson Wang. The singer attended the Trinity Celebration Dinner donning a dapper all-black fit — black seemed to be the signature color for the night. Taking a traditional style approach, the singer and rapper sported a unique suit jacket adorned with Chinese knot buttons (Pankou) at the front. 

Photo courtesy of Cartier

Look forward to the unveiling of Cartier’s Trinity campaign on April 1, when billboards will take over major cities around the world. In the meantime, you can check out the latest product additions to the Trinity collection on Cartier’s website.

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