Polished, one-of-a-kind creations from LOEWE pay homage to the intricate art of jade carving. To celebrate the upcoming Lunar New Year, the Spanish fashion house released its first-ever Chinese-inspired Jade Collection. Where tradition meets contemporary fashion, the new release vividly transcends stereotypes and embraces ancient storytelling. 

The Jade Collection 

Historically linked to royalty and associated with “virtue, kindness and wisdom,” jade is regarded as a highly valued treasure in China. LOEWE honors traditional jade craftsmanship with a collection that takes a deep dive into both Chinese culture and the significance of the precious gemstone. 

Created in collaboration with the finest master jade carvers, Xiaojin Yin, Qijing Qiu, and Lei Cheng, LOEWE’s Jade Collection features a series of five pendants attached to an 18-carat gold chain. Drawing inspiration from rich stories and long-held traditions, each master jade carver created a specially curated pendant. These pendants aim to bestow a year of success and luck upon their wearer.

Xiaojin Yin’s emerald green jade pendant combines a cabbage and a cricket perched on top to represent money and prosperity. The deep understanding of Chinese culture and symbolism is notable. In China, cabbage is regarded as a sign of prosperity — spoken, the Chinese words for “cabbage” sound similar to “hundred” and “wealth,” thus, cabbage is believed to bring “a hundred years of wealth.”

Meanwhile, master Qijing Qiu carved a mauve eggplant pendant. In Chinese culture, the eggplant is said to resemble ancient high-ranking officials wearing hats so the vegetable has become associated with career success and status. Additionally, mauve-hued jade is a rare find. The color itself is regarded as an auspicious sign in Chinese tradition.

Lastly, the peapod shape, carved by Lei Cheng, is meant to symbolize fertility and abundance. According to Chinese tradition, the pea represents fertility while the pod signifies great wealth. When combined, the peapod hopes to bring wearers a healthy and thriving family.

Behind the Jade  

In a documentary for LOEWE, master artist Lei Cheng explains the importance of jade in Chinese culture “I remember when we were young, we all thought only emperors could use jade. Because jade is associated with kingship, it’s something only an emperor can wear,” she says. “I believe that jade itself is a quintessential part of our nation. Its constant presence throughout our historical and cultural journey makes it not just a companion, but a spiritual anchor for our people.”

Jade is prevalent in Chinese culture. Since it was believed to protect bloodlines, the precious mineral was initially worn by royalty and noblemen only. The gemstone was so valued in China that the philosopher Confucious even assigned 11 virtues to it (benevolence, credibility, propriety, truth, loyalty, heaven, earth, justice, music, morality and intelligence). Jade was also an essential element of traditional rituals and burials because it was believed to serve as a bridge between the heavenly and earthly realms. Accordingly, carving into jade has always been regarded as a fine art of precision and patience — colors may change or cracks may appear during the process of creation.

LOEWE’s special collection for the Year of the Dragon not only taps into this ancient art, but also nods subtly to the historic links between jade and dragon representations in Chinese tradition.

Jade Colors

Alongside the jade pendants, LOEWE’s limited-edition collection also showcases the new Flamenco Purse Mini clutches in a range of soft hues. Inside each bag comes a jade ring in the corresponding color. The mini bag can be accessorized with animal-shaped charms, available in six jade-inspired colorways.

Every color in the Jade Collection’s palette was meticulously chosen to match the various shades of ancient carvings found inside The Palace Museum of Beijing — perfect timing as these hues are making a comeback in the Chinese fashion scene. Unlike many Western brands, which tend to stick to the red color traditionally linked to good fortune, LOEWE opted for an unconventional but well-informed take on Chinese culture and art. 

For The Love Of Jade  

LOEWE’s Jade collection sets up a great example of appreciating culture and celebrating tradition. Through compelling storytelling and contemporary styling, the Spanish brand connects Western audiences and fashion lovers to the rare precious stones of ancient China. 

The limited edition LOEWE Jade pendants are available in selected stores in Mainland China. Find the collection in selected locations around the world here.

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