By Mafe Morales | @brekkerxuxi


On April 6th, EXO member Park Chanyeol released his single “Tomorrow” as a goodbye gift for fans after his enlistment on March 29th, 2021. It has become a tradition for EXO members to give their fans one last gift before beginning their 18 months of military service. 

“Tomorrow” is a minimalistic acoustic pop song, with deep lyrics. Chanyeol’s beautiful and smooth vocals perfectly fit the track that talked about all the worries and doubts that went through his mind, how he used to fear the next mornings after long nights full of thoughts, and how he hoped that the light would reach him.

The song brought a mix of feelings from fans that expressed their pride and good wishes for Chanyeol, who opened up about his struggles and anxiety. 

Chanyeol also participated on the soundtrack of the film The Box as the main lead, which featured him as an actor, singer, and songwriter for the lyrics. The movie was released on March 24th and allowed fans to appreciate both Chanyeol’s outstanding vocals and acting skills.

He expressed how honored he was to work on the movie, and his mindset for his enlistment. 

Chanyeol has grown as an artist from a rapper, vocalist, producer, and creator of Studio NNG, and his passion for music has not been overlooked by people he’s worked with. 

Chanyeol left a message for fans at the end of his birthday video posted on the Studio NNG YouTube channel, which promised fans to meet on every 27th as the studio may release monthly videos during Chanyeol’s time serving in the military.

Check out the music video for “Tomorrow,” and make sure to listen to other tracks on the film’s OST, like “Break Your Box,” “Without You,” and “Raining.”


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