Concert preparation is a fan’s worst nightmare. Transportation, funds, and ticket sales are enough to drive a person wild. However, there’s nothing more stressful than the concert outfit. Choosing the perfect outfit (or outfits for the fans who love going to multiple stops on tours) should be fun but can be a headache. 

For Black fans, many layers, colors, accessories, and hairstyles go into making a fit to stand out. Since concerts prove to be a perfect opportunity for all kinds of expression, Black fans have made a huge impact with the beautiful ways they style and create outfits in the concert space. Many fans who are preparing their outfits turn to the internet and social media for ideas that go best with their chosen aesthetics. EnVi is at your service! Here are a few trendy fashion items that are perfect for melanated skin.


Braids are a style that dates back as far as 3500 B.C. for both Black women and men, with them becoming popular in the 1900s. The hairstyle has always been a perfect go-to for looking good with little to no effort. Braids are an easy way to wear various styles for concerts, depending on your aesthetics and comfort. You can also enjoy the concert without being too worried about your hair frizzing, tangling, or looking “sweated out.” While many may think of only box braids or cornrows, braids have evolved so much throughout the years that there are so many to choose from. Consider one of many braid types if you’re planning a versatile hair look. 


Miniskirts are a fun, newer concert trend that brings both comfort and cuteness. Like braids, miniskirts are also versatile in style and a perfect addition to various outfits. These can be a simple look that works as a cute layer to an outfit or they can be more campy and stand out. While flare and leather miniskirts are the most trendy, especially for K-pop fans, miniskirts have a wide variety to consider when putting together an outfit. Since the skirt is shorter, it pairs well with boots or heels. Concertgoers also have plenty of legroom to dance, walk, and enjoy the concert with less restriction. Don’t be afraid to show your beautiful legs! 


A favorite among K-pop concert lovers, demonias are an alternative footwear that defies the meaning of a normal boot. Demonias have been made most popular by people who enjoy goth, grunge, or punk fashion and evolved into a K-pop fan favorite. From fur to glitter, you can expect to see these shoes paired with an array of bottoms, but often with miniskirts. Many Black fans tend to wear pastel, white, or lighter-colored demonias,  their skin tones. Demonias are the perfect footwear for standing out at a concert if you want to step out of your comfort zone.

Vice Unit Wig

While this hair may be trendy now, the vice unit wig has been around for years at beauty supply stores. A huge part of growing up Black and getting your hair done meant going to the beauty supply store and having a mannequin stare at you with this wig on. Black women have brought these units back into style. Many still buy this unit from the hair store, but even more wig makers have created their own. Concert fans have used this hair to add a pop of color to their attire. Similar to braids, Black fans can add a wig to minimize a hair disaster, from sweating to the occasional water toss from performers. The unit has an array of colors that go well with melanated skin, as it’s made for Black women. You can’t go wrong with this style. 

Fuzzy Head Attire

A winter-based concert favorite is a fuzzy head accessory. While not as new, furry and fuzzy accessories are becoming more popular among Black fans. At concerts, you’ll usually find an ear muff, hat, or fur-trimmed hood. Often paired with fur demonias, a fuzzy head accessory is a girly addition to a cute outfit. Black fans can wear these accessories to accent a multitude of hairstyles and makeup while creating a soft look. It’s a statement piece that isn’t too ostentatious (unless you want it to be, then consider a colorful one). When styled over the hair, these accessories can actually keep hair in place or keep it out of your face while you dance the night away!

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