By Ellie Forte | @filthydinosaurs 

Twitter released a new feature on its platform called Spaces. The feature uses voice communication to connect users on the platform. Most Twitter users were unsure how Spaces would be utilized and felt hesitant at first.

Spaces immediately became popular once it was released to the general Twitter community. From fan discussion to music shows, Twitter users have made their mark on the platform. One group of NCTzens, decided to create their own spin on the feature making a two day event for fans of the K-pop group NCT. They called this space #CzenniesGotTalent. 

Creating the Space

Some of the judges include Jae @forvalentineboy, sue @moodjae, Jinx @Dereality, and Ari @SUHWONU. The room, which was inspired by another popular twitter space called “The Space Factor,” was not projected to become so popular. Jae, wanted a positive space for NCTzens to come together and share their talents. After seeing that there were so many talented fans, she asked her mutuals to take part. 

Many of the judges wanted the space to be positive. In many ways, twitter spaces has allowed for fans to connect in ways deeper than 280 characters can. For Sue, she spoke to Team EnVi about the capability for spaces to be very positive. She candidly spoke about the feature saying, “this feature can be used in a positive way”.  Before taking part in Czennies Got Talent, she also took part in a space with Valentines who shared their love for NCT member Jaehyun. Using those positive factors, she and the other judges wanted to make Czennies Got Talent comfortable for NCTzens. Jinx, who was also a judge of the space, commended NCTzens for their confidence to perform in front of hundreds of people they don’t know. 

How NCTzens show their Talents

For many, this was their first time performing in front of such a large group of people. From singing to dancing, rapping to stand up comedy, NCTzens made sure they left their mark. Many NCTzens not only were able to find community through talents, but they also were able to enjoy humor from fellow fandom mates. Users like Nom @Tbzsolos created her own rendition of Doja Cat’s famous verse from her song “Streets” with her own twist.

Or @NB4YUTA who did the iconic Mickey Mouse rap. These moments were so enjoyable that they were standout moments for the space.

NCTzens also posted videos of them covering their favorite NCT dances. Not only showing off talent but dedication to the group as well 

Despite the space being virtual many were able to connect with not only the judges but each other. 

What started off as a small space grew to one with over 1,000 listeners. The event was so popular that it trended in multiple countries. 

Surprised by the success of the space, the judges said that they would love to do more spaces in the near future. 

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