Day6’s Wonpil Makes His Solo Debut With Pilmography

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Wonpil Pilmography
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On February 7, 6 PM KST, Day6‘s Wonpil made his solo debut with his first album, Pilmography. The album’s title is a play on words, combining filmography with his name, Wonpil. Known for his various skills, Wonpil expresses his artistry with songwriting and composition credits for eight of the ten album tracks.

Leading up to the album’s release an array of concept photos featuring Wonpil were revealed. He can be seen dressed in old-fashioned clothing, adorned in pearls, while reading or playing the piano. An elegant script-style font is used for the album’s name, while other photos show the name stamped onto stained and worn-out letters with wax seals. The mood film emphasized the vintage feel to the concept in the modern-day world, as well as the beauty that passion brings in life, as the music swells whenever Wonpil seems to be caught in a rush of emotions. It is clear that Wonpil is giving MyDay, Day6’s fans, a view of his world through his creation of Pilmography.

Leaving MyDay Voiceless

The title track, “Voiceless,” is a gut-wrenching ballad full of bittersweet lyrics of having to let a loved one go for their happiness. “Voiceless,” is accompanied by a beautifully shot music video in which Wonpil is pining over a mermaid. Throughout the video, Wonpil is so absorbed in his longing for the mermaid he is oblivious as the room begins to fill with water. Finally, the room is completely immersed in the water and Wonpil finds himself with the ethereal mermaid. When the room is drained, he is sulking, reminded of his experience as he looks around the dripping room. On a whim, Wonpil dives directly into a puddle, falling into a deep, underwater abyss to meet his love once more. By the end of the music video, it is clear that he and the mermaid can never truly be together as it is impossible for them to both thrive in one another’s world. The “Voiceless,” music video portrays a star-crossed love and the struggles of parting ways with a loved one. 

MyDay’s also expressed their admiration for Wonpil as he conquered his fear of water to film the visually pleasing music video. His commitment to his artistry and concept did not go unnoticed and he was highly praised for it. 

Blending Sounds

Sincerity,” is the second track off of Pilmography and has a similar theme lyrically to “Voiceless.” The track begins with a soft piano melody, intermittently interrupted by a static noise. A hauntingly beautiful synthesizer overtakes the melody as the song reaches the chorus. The second verse returns to the piano melody, however, by the bridge the track is a mix of both the piano and synthesizer melodies until the track finishes with only Wonpil’s vocals as he harmonizes with himself. “Sincerity,” is a unique crossover where Wonpil has coined a sound for himself with the blend of instrumentals.

Straight Out of a Film

The jazzy, R&B track, “A writer in a love story,” is the perfect fit for a romance film as Wonpil sings about what it is like to fall in love. With lyrics such as, “Even if you bite a poisoned apple / Even if I lost my shoes / I’ll make a happy ending, oh-oh,” Wonpil lists all the fairytale moments in which the story falls apart, but is determined to overcome it all for this one-of-a-kind love.

Walk with me,” is a gentle, acoustic track reminiscent of country love songs. The song appreciates how everyday life becomes more beautiful while in the company of a loved one. Wonpil delicately sings, “Together forever so you can lean on me and rest / I’ll be with you for eternity,” expressing a love he hopes will never come to an end.

To Comfort and Be Comforted

The fifth track, “Stranded,” is filled with lyrics that are the opposite of what one would expect at first glance. Wonpil shares that he once felt he was stranded alone, but now he has found someone to stand by his side throughout his hardships.

Meanwhile, on the following track, “Someday, spring will come,” Wonpil offers his support to those struggling. He sings soothingly, “You’ll be happy / All things will pass / It’s going to be alright.” Both tracks highlight the importance of supporting one another in any kind of relationship.

Building up to a Breakup

Pieces,” is what Wonpil leaves in as he shares the sorrows of being aware of tension and uneasiness in a relationship. His heartbreaking lyrics, “Even if it’s overflowing, there’s too much / Tracing memories, painful memories / It’s full, I want to empty it quickly,” express wanting to get rid of memories to save himself from the pain of remembering, whether it was good or bad.

In the piano ballad, “Last goodbye,” Wonpil sings a heartfelt, farewell letter to a loved one who he has been struggling to let go of. The lyrics are a sentiment of a selfless love from which he separates himself so that they may both go on and live their lives. His airy yet powerful vocals showcase the exhibited emotions as the focal point of the stripped song.

To New Beginnings

Life is an “Unpainted canvas,” in Wonpil’s eyes as he sings about leaving the past behind in hopes for a future he has created for himself. The optimistic lyrics leave listeners with the life lesson, “If you keep drawing / You’ll be able to draw / If you draw without stopping / You’ll be drawn someday.” Wonpil belts out the lyrics at the end of the track, showing off how impressive his voice is and his ability to express emotions with it.

The upbeat track, “A journey,” finishes off Pilmography with a sweet, synthesizer and drum-filled melody. The lyrics are about taking risks and going through the ups and downs that come along in the journey that is life. Wonpil sings triumphantly, “When the season goes by and comes back / I’ll be a better me / Please look forward to it.” To close off the album, Wonpil bids a farewell by softly singing, “I will go now,” as he sets off on his journey in life.

Pilmography is a collection of intimate tracks that come together to tell a story. Each track is an intricate piece of the storyline that Wonpil created. Pilmography, just like a movie, is meant to be listened to as a whole. Wonpil’s solo debut has further proven his talent, whether it be his vocal or instrumental skills or his songwriting abilities. With such a beautiful first album, Wonpil will surely continue to create great music as he moves forward on his journey in life.

You can listen to Pilmography on Apple Music, Spotify, and various other streaming platforms.

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