By Mafe Morales | @brekkerxuxi


On May 5 at 9 AM KST, NCT Dream released their collaboration with the children’s global content company Pinkfong. The song “Dinosaurs A to Z” is a cheerful nursery rhyme to teach children their ABC’s. 

The seven members became explorers for the video and encouraged children to learn the alphabet while also teaching them the names of dinosaurs. The collaboration was released for Children’s Day in South Korea. 

The video also featured all of the members and units of NCT, as each member and unit had their own representative dinosaur. 


Cuteness Overload

NCTzens did not miss the opportunity to talk about the members’ cute concept throughout the video.


Or the opportunity to share their funny reactions to it. 

Back in 2018, the NCT Dream members also danced to the popular Pinkfong nursery song “Baby Shark.” 

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Thumbnail Courtesy of SM Entertainment and Pinkfong