Since its release on September 17, Squid Game has hooked viewers worldwide with its twisted, action-packed storyline. 

As the Netflix show takes the number one spot in all countries that Netflix is available in, the actors and actresses featured in the show are rising in popularity. Among them is Wi Ha-Joon, who plays the role of Hwang Jun-Ho, the young detective who infiltrates the games in hopes of finding his missing older brother and getting to the root of it all.

If you are interested in joining in on the Wi Ha-Joon hype train, here are six of our recommendations to check out and watch more of the actor’s impressive range.


Something in the Rain (2018)

Also known as Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food, JTBC’s Something in the Rain is a romantic K-drama about 35-year-old Yoon Jin-Ah (Son Ye-Jin), who reconnects with her childhood friend’s younger brother–Seo Joon-Hee (Jung Hae-In). Surprised by his change and taken by his charms, she finally starts seeing him as a man and starts developing romantic feelings. Wi Ha-Joon plays the role of Jin-Ah’s younger brother, Yoon Seung-Ho, who is also best friends with Joon-Hee.


Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum (2018)

This film is for horror enthusiasts. Upon hearing strange rumors and stories about an abandoned asylum, Ha-Joon (Wi Ha-Joon)–the owner of the YouTube channel “Horror Times”–gathers a group of six people to head to Gonjiam Mental Hospital to experience it firsthand and live stream the entire experience. 


Romance is a Bonus Book (2019)

Netflix’s Romance is a Bonus Book is a rom-com K-drama about Kang Dan-Yi (Lee Na-Young), who is on the hunt for a job and realizes her credentials and the gap in her resume is hindering her search. Desperate, she lies about her background and scores a job as a temporary worker at a publishing company. Unfortunately, she then finds out that the Chief Editor of the publishing company is none other than her childhood friend Cha Eun-ho (Lee Jong-Suk). 

Wi Ha-Joon plays the second lead, Ji Seo-Joon, a freelance book designer that the publishing company is trying to hire.



18 Again (2020)

JTBC’s 18 Again, starring Yoon Sang-Hyun, Lee Do-Hyun, and Kim Ha-Neul, is a K-drama remake of the U.S. film 17 Again (2009). It follows the life of 37-year-old Hong Dae-Young, who finds himself in his 18-year-old body and uses this opportunity to live his dreams and get closer to his 18-year-old son and daughter. In this drama, Wi Ha-Joon plays the character of Ye Ji-Hoon, a baseball pitcher for the team “Seum Wolves.”


Midnight (2021)

This crime thriller is for those who wish to see Wi Ha-Joon play an antagonist. Midnight shows the nerve-wracking hide-and-seek type chase between deaf-mute mother and daughter (played by Gil Hae-Yeon and Jin Ki-Joo), So Jung-Eun (Kim Hye-Yoon), and Do-Shik (Wi Ha-Joon)–a serial killer looking for his next target.


Shark: The Beginning (2021)

This film is based on the popular webtoon Shark by Woon and Kim Woo-Seob. The story revolves around Cha Woo-Sol (Kim Min-Seok), sentenced to three years in a juvenile prison due to an unfortunate incident involving his school bully Bae Seok-Chan (Jung Won-Chang). At the prison, he meets former MMA champion Jung Do-Hyun (Wi Ha-Joon). Then, Woo-Sol enlists Do-Hyun’s help to learn how to fight, for his survival in prison as well as for when he faces his bully again.



What’s Next?

tvN confirmed that Wi Ha-Joon will star in their upcoming superhero drama, Bad and Crazy, set to air in December 2021. He’ll star alongside Lee Dong-Wook, Han Ji-Eun, and Cha Hak-Yeon, also known as N from the K-pop boy group VIXX.

We can’t wait to see Wi Ha-Joon has in store for us!

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