Following promotions of their successful Japanese debut, fourth-generation K-pop powerhouse, ENHYPEN, is scheduled to come back with their first studio album titled Dimension : Dilemma on October 12. Before the date, the septet has been releasing plenty of promotional content for fans to feast on. Referencing Homer’s Odyssey, ENHYPEN has released mood boards, photographs, and concept films for three concepts titled “Scylla”, “Charybdis,” and “Odysseus.”   



The beginning of promotions for Dimension : Dilemma was marked on September 17 with the release of a video titled “Intro : Whiteout.” Reminiscent of the intro videos for their two mini-albums, “Intro : Whiteout” collages images, graphics, video clips, music, and narration to create a butterfly-inducing cinematic trailer that builds up excitement for their upcoming album. “Intro : Whiteout” teases the seaside, ocean, blue skies, and luxury motifs to be used in the concepts. While the trailer promises a fresh and brighter vibe for ENHYPEN, it remains faithful to the edginess the group has come to be known for. 



Starting on September 23, ENHYPEN started dropping content for “Scylla.” For “Scylla,” the ENHYPEN members turn into mysterious bachelors in cool interiors filled with chandeliers, antique furniture, and classical art motifs. 

In the individual photos, the members captivate with outfits built on various textures and patterns, with dazzling and eye-grabbing accessories to match. Jungwon is seen posing in shallow water in front of a classical frieze. He wears a silky emerald dress shirt with a star pattern and puffy sleeves with matching diamond earrings and a bolo tie to finish the look. 

Jay is seen wearing a striped long sleeve shirt and leather pants while floating in a dark and enigmatic body of water with money. Additionally, in a double exposure image style, the member’s portraits are contrasted against a cityscape image. 

The cool and elegant city edginess extends to the concept film teaser where the double exposure portrait is paralleled with city sounds and a soft piano. With a city intersection in the background, Heeseung beams and captivates viewers in a mixed animal print shirt as he turns to face the camera. 

The themes presented in the photos are brought to life with the lavish and somber concept film. The motion blur shots created a drunken and dizzy state as the members pose cooly amongst money, jewels, and lavish cold environments. The coolness and serious tone is perhaps a reflection of the dangers and loneliness of having too much. 



On September 27, ENHYPEN left the luxurious and lavish world of “Scylla” and turned a page into “Charybdis.” In “Charybdis” the members shine through an airy and dreamy concept set in the countryside. 

For the individual concept photos, the members pose slovenly in serene and humble interiors–mattresses, house supplies, and books sprawled on floors–or posing in cottagecore-esque fields. Additionally, the members get vulnerable through reflective journal entries that are paired up with Polaroid-style portraits. 

Jake presents a soft and comforting look as he wears baggy brown jeans, vans, and a color-blocked green sweater with a lilac collar, blue hem, and lime-green ripped-up sleeves. In his diary entry, Jake reflects on his frustrations as the days living under coronavirus seem never-ending and his determination to work hard and give his very best for the upcoming album.  

Continuing the bright playfulness for the concept film trailer, the members are captured in a polaroid style shot. Ni-ki is seen holding a painting palette and pausing midway for the polaroid shot as a perky upbeat tune plays in the background.

The light and airiness of the photos are reflected in the concept film video with additional fun and quirky charm. Reminiscent of a Wes Anderson film–fun bright outfits, an idiosyncratic tune in the background, and playful interactions with the camera– the members Jungwon, Jay, Sunoo, and Sunghoon are seen animatedly marching in line behind one another, while Jake and Heeseung mischievously cover Ni-ki with a bedsheet by an air-drying laundry setup. While “Charybdis” has a brighter tone compared to “Scylla”, the inclusion of the reflective journal entries coated with a layer of angst, perhaps presents the downsides of a humble and quiet life. 



On September 30, the bright energy seen in “Charybdis” was translated to the seaside for the stunning concept photos for “Odysseus.” 

Sporting navy striped long sleeve polo shirts, white shorts, shin socks, and even the occasional complimentary scar, the ENHYPEN members became beach rugby players for their group photos. While rugby-themed, the striped polos faintly recall the navy sailor theme often used for beach concepts. 

In the individual photos, the members are seen in white outfits, relaxing at the beach. They are sunbathed with the golden hour glow and matching blue hues from the sea and sky. In a damp shirt, Sunghoon poses casually by the seaside, emanating natural and refreshing beauty.

The multiple exposure portraits are brought back for the “Odysseus” photos and concept trailer. Compared to “Scylla”, the multiple exposure portraits for “Odysseus” have a soothing, lively, and bright vibe, as the members sway to gentle piano instrumentals that linger in the background. Sunoo mesmerizes in strawberry hair and cascading sunlight as his portrait slowly becomes three images that slowly disintegrate back into one Sunoo. 

In the concept film, the seaside joy is heightened as mellow guitar strumming is heard in the background and the ENHYPEN members are seen playfully throwing the ball and tackling one another while playing rugby. With clips that resemble a VHS tape film, the beach colors become saturated giving the members a nostalgic and youthful aura as they are seen running towards the ocean and splashing water at one another while the sun sets in the background. 


Dimension : Dilemma 

In “Scylla” ENHYPEN showed an elegant and lonely side, in “Charybdis” they took viewers to the humble and serene countryside, and in “Odysseus” they charmed on a nostalgic day at the beach. ENHYPEN members have demonstrated their versatility when it comes to concepts and visuals, building up the anticipation and excitement for their forthcoming studio album. 

In the upcoming days, ENHYPEN will be releasing the album’s tracklist, album preview, and music video teasers. Dimension : Dilemma comes out October 12 at 6 PM KST, followed by a comeback show on Mnet at 7 PM. 


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