EnVi Media is proud to announce our partnership with Gold House under the Gold Publishers Program. We are one of the Asian Pacific-owned publications that will be accelerated through opportunities including access to exclusive Gold House members, events, community education, and training.

In addition, as a Gold Publisher, we are also given ad tech infrastructure support and revenue via Kargo’s Multicultural Content Amplifier. Kargo is a leader in attention-based, innovative advertising solutions and services for brands, retailers, agencies, and eCommerce.

Kargo’s Multicultural Content Amplifier program is a multi-tiered engagement approach that connects advertisers with multicultural-owned media. Kargo helps publishers increase their supply and connect to more advertisers, bringing in more revenue and giving them new tools to grow their business. As part of Kargo’s Multicultural Content Amplifier, Discover has joined in investing to support diverse content owners such as EnVi Media in an effort to diversify media spending. 

“As an independent publisher, joining the Gold Publisher program is not only a milestone for EnVi Media, but a powerful step towards building meaningful connections within the AAPI community. We look forward to fostering inclusivity and extending our storytelling reach while amplifying voices that resonate with authenticity and cultural richness,” Azadeh Valanejad, Editor in Chief at EnVi Media.

EnVi was invited to Gold House’s inaugural Gold Forum and Advertising Week in New York. Alongside fellow Gold Publishers Cold Tea Collective and Brown Girl Magazine, we attended industry thought leadership sessions and interviewed key media leaders. 

Check out our features with EA’s Brian Pang and beauty brand eos’s Soyoung Kang now on EnVi!