Looking for the perfect “back to school” season soundtrack? Say no more! In our music series, EnVi Rotation, we are providing you with curated, thematic playlists guaranteed to add a little magic to your every moment. With study schedules and project deadlines back in full swing, EnVi is here to introduce you to eight artists and their unique soundscapes which will bring out your most productive self. Whether you are a lo-fi hip-hop devotee, a jazz lover, or a chill R&B enthusiast, we have you covered! From Park Hye Jin to BADBADNOTGOOD, our Relaxed Workflow playlist is designed to keep your stress levels low and your focus unwavering, for as long as your work session demands it! 

Park Hye Jin

We are kicking off with Korean producer, rapper, singer, and DJ, Park Hye Jin, as the ultimate tone-setter. Stable drum patterns and monotonic vocal presence outline Park’s intriguingly introverted soundscape. From the dance-forward approach of EPs IF U WANT IT (2018) and How can I (2020), embellished with four-on-the-floor pulses and lively synth overtones, to 2021 full-length debut Before I Die’s topline experimentations with a hip-hop base, Park’s electronic core revels in a signature idiosyncratic charm. Switching between Korean and English, as well as sung and spoken phrases, her minimal and straightforward delivery crafts tracks reminiscent of diary entries; raw and careless, yet sensual and dreamlike, all in the same breath.  

In our playlist: 

Park Hye Jin, Nosaj Thing – “CLOUDS” (2020)

Park Hye Jin – “I Need You” // Before I Die (2021)

Park Hye Jin – “Whatchu Doin Later” // Before I Die (2021)

Nosaj Thing

Atmospheric, moody, and electric are words that could describe Los Angeles-born Jason Won Chung, or Nosaj Thing’s body of work. Best known for being “the man behind the sample” on Kid Cudi’s lauded “Man On The Moon” with his 2006 track “Aquarium,” Chung has collaborated with various names in the hip-hop and indie scene such as Kendrick Lamar, Duval Timothy, and Toro y Moi. The DJ and producer’s experimental electronic roots intertwine with warm instrumental touches in his immersive sonic universe, where time slows down and emotions always run deep. Even at their most vocal-driven, Nosaj Thing’s productions retain their nightly ambience and hazy, cinematic quality which sets the beatmaker apart in the electronic space.  

In our playlist: 

Nosaj Thing – “Aquarium” // Views/Octopus EP (2006)

Nosaj Thing – “Fog” // Drift (2009)

Nosaj Thing, Whoarei – “Don’t Mind Me” // Fated (2015)

Nosaj Thing, HYUKOH – “We Are” // Continua (2022)


Anime lovers might recognize the iconic opening theme of Shinichirō Watanabe’s Samurai Champloo (2004), a series famous for blending traditional, Japanese Edo period elements with anachronistic references to hip-hop culture. “Battlecry” (feat. Shing02) is only one landmark in the tremendously influential career of Jun Seba — known as Nujabes, or the “godfather” of lo-fi hip-hop. The Japanese producer’s music carries an affinity for “golden era” hip-hop, overlaid with a uniquely otherworldly vitality. Heavily influenced by the Native Tongues collective, it is characterized by eclectic sampling and jazz sensibility which echoes kindred positive-mindedness clad in a relaxed mood. With works such as Metaphorical Music (2003) and Modal Soul (2005) regarded as touchstones for the genre, the legacy of Nujabes’ simple yet evocative approach to production remains a reference point of definitive significance in lo-fi hip-hop, years post the producers’ tragic passing in a traffic collision in 2010.   

In our playlist: 

Nujabes – “reflection eternal” // Modal Soul (2005)

Nujabes, Ta-ku – “Luv (sic) pt3 Ta-ku Remix Instrumental” // Luv(sic) Hexalogy (2015)

Nujabes, The Champloo – “Spiritual State” (2022)


One of the most sought-after beatmakers of the 2010s, Australia-based Regan Mathews, better known as Ta-ku, first attracted cult attention with his tribute projects dedicated to influential producers J Dilla and Nujabes. Whether acoustic-leaning, synth-clad, or  jazz-infused, — true to his main inspirations — Ta-ku’s productions favor a signature R&B structure, often fully realized in his numerous collaborations with soulful vocalists (some of them including JMSN, Alina Baraz and Wafia). His breakout single “Flight 99” (2019), featuring matt mcwaters and Masego, set the stage for the producer to embrace the R&B genre in more organic and emotionally laidback forms, as evident in his latest full-length record, Songs To Come Home To (2023); an all-around collaborative project that emanates warmth and familiarity accurately reminiscent of home.

In our playlist: 

Ta-ku – “Night 17” // 25 Nights for Nujabes (2013)

Ta-ku – “Make You Wanna” // Do What You Love (2013) 


British electronic music project Jungle has been, indirectly, shaking up the online sphere, with the viral choreography trend indebted to their music video for “Back on 74” lately making the rounds on TikTok. The track, as part of their 2023 album Volcano, — which presents a breezy exploration of house grooves alongside the outfit’s ‘70s soul aesthetic — sports a pleasantly nostalgic retro flair with its lively, funky soul quality. The producer duo’s beginnings, nonetheless, took a less dancefloor-ready route. Their self-titled debut (2014) and For Ever (2018) albums, in particular, offer mellower, introspective approaches to their core sonic identity. Laidback melodies and harmonic lyricism coat these quieter, grounded moments of their discography, crafting a cozy atmosphere where lush instrumentation shines to the fullest.   

In our playlist: 

Jungle – “Smoking Pixels” // Jungle (2014) 

Jungle – “Lemonade Lake” // Jungle (2014) 

Jungle – “Beat 54 (All Good Now)” // For Ever (2018) 

Jungle – “Cherry” // For Ever (2018) 

Men I Trust 

Hailing from Montreal, Canada, Men I Trust bring a fresh color to the indie scene. The band, originally created by high school friends Jessy Caron and Dragos Chiriac in 2014, saw their first releases rooted in the electronic movement of the ‘00s, before shifting into a distinctly different sonic niche with the addition of Emmanuelle Proulx as lead vocalist in 2016. The new direction, defined by easy-going guitar melodies, reverb-heavy production, and dreamy whisper-singing, led to the ensemble’s break with notable singles such as “Show Me How,” “Numb,” and “Lauren.” From lethargic to funkier moments, Men I Trust’s discography freely swims around the dreampop sphere, providing a soundtrack to dazed out days and equally as serene evenings.  

In our playlist: 

Men I Trust – “Norton Commander (Album V)” // Oncle Jazz (2019)

Men I Trust – “Tides” (2021)

Men I Trust – “Always Lone” // Untourable Album (2021)


If the essence of lounge music could be encapsulated in just one artist’s discography, that would probably be FKJ’s. French multi-instrumentalist Vincent Fenton’s organically rich compositions embrace simplicity, as much as they do virtuosity. Boasting a universal edge, — reflected in the artist’s global-spanning fanbase — FKJ’s catalog would feel at home anyplace, anytime; its soothing R&B sensibility in harmony with prominent instrumentals that give the impression of breathing life in as a human would. The musician’s most popular moments range from a jazzy contribution to Masego’s soulful “Tadow,” (2018) to the stripped-down, piano-led “Ylang Ylang” from his 2019 EP of the same title, which can seem to spiritually recall the renowned, profoundly emotional compositions of Ryuichi Sakamoto.        

In our playlist: 

FKJ – “10 Years Ago” // Ylang Ylang EP (2019)

((( O ))), FKJ – “iFeel” // ((( 2 ))) (2020)


BADBADNOTGOOD have been infusing jazz with a modern edge throughout the 2010s. The Toronto, Canada-based ensemble got their start playing jazz covers of hip-hop tracks by the likes of Odd Future and MF DOOM, before moving onto creating original material with albums such as III (2014) and IV (2016). Through the years, the collective’s name has become synonymous with collaboration — their roster including household names like rappers Ghostface Killah and Kendrick Lamar, producer KAYTRANADA and the genre-agnostic band Little Dragon. BADBADNOTGOOD’s retro-contemporary flair adorns compositions which toe the line between calculatedly true-to-form, and explosively off-the-cuff. The band’s free-willing energy is channeled even in more lounge-y moments, rendering their output perpetually exciting and laced with a definitive forward-thinking quality.      

In our playlist: 

BADBADNOTGOOD – “Fall in Love” // Digging the Blogosphere (2012)

BADBADNOTGOOD – “To You” // Late Night Tales: Badbadnotgood (2017)

Lil Silva, BADBADNOTGOOD – “To The Floor” // Yesterday Is Heavy (2022)

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