Fandom Love Letters, as the name suggests, is a series that allows fans from any fandom the opportunity to share their love and admiration for their idols through means of writing. We at EnVi are fans of various artists, so we understand how impactful idols can be in our lives. We also understand how important it is to have a safe space for ourselves and our writing, whether or not they’re personal pieces. Through this, we hope to foster a positive community for fans worldwide. For today’s feature, one of team EnVi’s contributing writers, Sarah Bathke, shares a letter she wrote to NCT’s beloved Johnny Suh. 

Dear Johnny,

When I first saw you in a video, something about the way you didn’t care about the rules of the game and only wanted to make people smile and laugh made me know instantly that you were positivity personified. As I’ve followed your career, I’ve come to know that spreading joy, happiness, laughter, and comfort are just part of who you are. You put so much love into the world and I can only hope that you feel it returned ten-fold from me and other NCTzens.

Your comforting words and positivity have continued to encourage me, even when I’m down. I see you going into the world with such brightness and think that if you can do it, I can try and do it too. Your gentleness towards others is truly something that I admire. It’s with pride that I can say I’m a fan of such an amazing person; someone who brings happiness with them wherever they go. 

It’s clear you pour your passion into everything you do, and I’m so proud of you for it. The countless hours of practicing and performing can’t be easy and yet you bring your smile and positive energy into every situation. You always crack a joke at the right time or know the right thing to say whenever there’s a stall in the room or conversation. Your ability to liven up anywhere you are is such a joy to witness.

Your energy and kindness remind me of a big brother I never had or a best friend who always has just the right advice. Your constant encouragement always comes at the right time. I still don’t know how you manage to say just the right things for so many people every time. This support that we all give you is given back, and I feel so fortunate that we’re able to support each other. 

Finally, I just want to tell you how grateful I am for your authenticity. You are unabashedly confident and proudly you. The way you carry yourself with so much confidence encourages me to be a little more confident every day. Your confidence is inspiring and more helpful on the hard days than you could imagine. Your refusal to be anything but yourself—the fashion evaluator, the coffee lover, the laughter inducer, the confidence haver, the performance giver, and the happiness bringer—is what makes being your fan such an incredible thing.

You’ve done so many incredible things, and I know you’ll do even more, and I’m grateful I get to support you through it all. Thank you for being so incredibly you, Johnny Suh.


Sarah Bathke

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