It’s Aquarius season, and EnVi wants to highlight the incredibly unique and eccentric Aquarius K-pop idols of the Zodiac. For those who may not be well-versed in astrology, Aquarians are those born between January 20 and February 18. 

Aquarians are known to be passionate and fiercely independent spirits. People with this sun sign go after what they want with an optimistic mindset and don’t let others tell them what to do. However, they are easily distracted and unpredictable. This spontaneity makes Aquarians fun to be around. You’ll never get bored with an Aquarius around. Along with their fun-loving nature, Aquarians devote their time to social issues and are known to be humanitarians.


Vernon showed his rebellious side in January with his solo debut “Black Eye.” Some lyrics from the single include “I’m on my worst behavior, Don’t stop me now” and “Put a muzzle on me, I’ll spit in your mouth.” These aggressive lyrics embody the attitude of the pop punk genre and showcase the independent Aquarius spirit. According to Vernon, he wouldn’t even let his fellow group members hear the single before it was released.

Seulgi – Red Velvet

Seulgi revealed a new side to herself during promotions for her solo debut 28 Reasons. While she has always shown her passion for dance and performing, “28 Reasons” highlighted her appreciation for artistry and storytelling. The eerie setting of the music video paired with the dynamic choreography that shifts between smooth and hypnotic to sharp and flashy highlight the spontaneity of Aquarius. In addition, lyrics from the title track such as  “So, why are you leaning into me again, unfamiliar attraction?” capture the mysterious and charismatic essence of Aquarius.

Jihyo – TWICE

Leader of TWICE, Jihyo is known for her bright stage presence and passionate performances. During TWICE’s last comeback, her Aquarius spontaneity shined through when she went viral for performing their title track with immense energy, even though she was only supposed to give fifty percent. 

Jisung – NCT

NCT is full of Aquarians, including Johnny, Doyoung, and Jaehyun. However, NCT’s maknae Jisung is known for his thoughtful and quiet nature that makes him a mystery amongst his loud and boisterous members. His quiet charisma is contrasted with his explosive and charismatic dance style that he is known for. NCT is also full of great dancers, but it is Jisung’s passion, common of Aquarians, for dance and his unique style that makes him stand out. 


CHUNGHA stood out in her days on Produce 101 (2016) for her charismatic dancing and fierce persona. After debuting in IOI and disbanding a year later, CHUNGHA embarked on her journey as a soloist. CHUNGHA embraces her unique and mysterious vibe through her eccentric comebacks. She is also a humanitarian and officially became the 250th member under the list of Green Noble Club, a group of high value donors under the Green Umbrella ChildFund Korea.

j-hope – BTS

Rapper and soloist j-hope from BTS is a shining example of an Aquarius man. From his unique and charismatic persona as a rapper in BTS to his independent spirit as a successful and innovative soloist,he encapsulates all of the Aquarius traits. However, the aquarius trait j-hope embodies most is his dedication, especially to social issues and humanitarian work. Like CHUNGHA, j-hope was recognized as a member of the Green Noble Club and is dedicated to several other charitable causes.

Are You Compatible with Aquarius?

Aquarius signs are most compatible with Aries, Gemini, Libra, and Sagittarius. They are least compatible with Scorpio and most earth signs like Taurus because of their rigid stability.

Are You an Aquarius?

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