Team EnVi is excited to introduce one of our latest columns, Fandom Love Letters. As the name suggests, this series allows fans from any fandom the opportunity to share their love and admiration for their idols through means of writing. We at EnVi are fans of various artists, so we understand how impactful idols can be in our lives. We also understand how important it is to have a safe space for ourselves and our writing, whether or not they’re personal pieces. Through this, we hope to foster a positive community for fans worldwide. For today’s feature, Maria shares a heartwarming poem she wrote for NCT.

Dear NCT,

I met you not too long ago – by the end of 2019 to be more precise. I met you during the start of a pandemic, and, in no time, NCITY became my safe place. My escape.

During 2020, you made me calm, while focusing on your music, in your sound; distracted me from the chaos outside, helped me not to go crazy hahaha. 

Now, in 2021, it all accumulated: I completed 17 years, the coronavirus is still going, and I’m in my last school year, studying until I go crazy (I’m going crazy~~) to get into the university I want. So NCT has been my source of serotonin, and songs like “Angel” or “Rainbow” are everything to me. 

Not too long ago, I wrote a poem for you, so here it is (it’s in Portuguese, but it comes from my heart):


a garden,
23 flowers.
all of them different
and green colored.
the garden,
in my heart.
i’m afraid it’ll leave
from me.
the garden,
that i won’t be able to water no more.
yet still i know that here
it’ll stay,
even if it goes,
the roots that one
day supported it,
still it’ll resonate
in the heart
those sounds the flowers sang,
those scents they exhaled,
that peace they provided,
and gave inspiration.
nothing marked this period
like the growth of the garden.
so loved planted itself.
the garden took care of me
when not even my self watered it.

Thank you for taking care of me even without knowing it.

Love, Maria Paula. 

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