Fans Erupted with Excitement After NCT Dream Dropped Timetable and Animation for 맛 (Hot Sauce)

By: EnVi Media

By Valerie Lopez | @valschwarie

On March 19 at 12 AM KST, NCT Dream surprised fans by dropping an album release timetable and Hot Sauce Shower animation for their upcoming 맛 (Hot Sauce) album to be released on May 10. 


NCT Dream first officially dropped the comeback news on April 12, but the members had teased the comeback in their recent Cafe 7 Dream YouTube content, pouring hot sauce on cafe goods for unique food combinations. The theme of food and experimentation has existed since their Dream Mystery Lab and D’chelin Gourmet Party YouTube content in March. 

With great content, comes great anticipation. Fans expressed their excitement for the upcoming release and began theorizing after the teasers dropped. 

Fans Express Excitement

After five years, fans are excited for NCT Dream’s first full-length album.


A Humorous Response

Some fans expressed their excitement for the comeback with a more humorous response.


Some fans began their detective work after the graphics dropped.



Other fans used the information to begin speculating for what is to come.



After the wealth of new content, there is no doubt that fans are looking forward to the official release of the album and music video for 맛 (Hot Sauce). Not only is this the group’s first full album in five years, but it is also their first album with all seven members since Mark previously graduated from the group in 2019. On the first day of pre-orders, the album exceeded 100,000 pre-order sales on the Korean online store Ktown4u. The album count has now exceeded 210,000 pre-orders and is expected to rise in the coming months.


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