Lucas, Taeyong, Jaehyun

NCTzen/Weishennie since:

My friend who is a fan of NCT was going to the NCT 127 concert in Paris and because I do not see her often and was living in Paris at the time I decided to go with her and ended up as a fan too.

First NCT/WayV video or MV watched:

I think it was ‘Regular’, my friend made me watch a lot of MVs before the concert to know who I was going to see.

Art Style:

I try to do a bit of everything: digital arts, charcoal, drawings, gouache.

NCT/WayV Inspiration in Art:

I love drawing them (I draw mostly Lucas) and my inspiration for my drawings comes from everything like movies, music, daily life stuff, dreams, or sometimes even just a word and I get ideas. I love drawing them in all these ideas I have and experiment with new styles and techniques so I think they inspire me to be more creative in a way.

Reason for Art Submission:

I’m always ok with people sharing my work and very thankful to have my art shared with EnVi magazine so I had no reason to refuse it.