Happy Friday! As the chilly weather of fall begins to settle in, the latest music releases are coming in hot to keep you warm. Grab your headphones and a nice warm latte, and dive into the latest installation of EnVi’s For You Friday series!

“TOO MUCH” – The Kid LAROI, Jung Kook, and Central Cee

The Kid LAROI, Jung Kook, and Central Cee have joined forces for a true multi-national collaboration. The trio — hailing from Australia, South Korea, and the United Kingdom respectively — are arguably some of the biggest hitmakers under 30. Their distinct voices come together in the tune of the refreshing “TOO MUCH” headed by The Kid LAROI. Embodying all of the elements of a 2023 pop song, the track hits at the perfect time for the chilly autumn or, if you’re down under, in the midst of a budding spring. 

Jung Kook starts the track with smooth vocals, asking a former flame if they’d ever be up for a round two of their relationship or it was too much to handle. The Kid LAROI jumps in, in his signature rap-singing sound detailing the breakdown of the relationship. In between choruses, Central Cee slides in with his heavily accented rap verse. Though the three artists have different styles of individual music, “TOO MUCH” comes together without a hitch.

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“Over The Phone” – Delilah Brao

Boston-born and raised, now Los Angeles-based, songstress Delilah Brao ushers in the heartbreak season with her new single, “Over The Phone.” Brao confided in a press release that the folk-laced indie pop song is about her own ex breaking up with her via a five-minute FaceTime call. “It’s grim. We dated for years. But, long distance sucks and the song kind of speaks for itself in that way,” she explained. “Over The Phone” begins with a distorted, muffled effect — as if Brao is singing over a phone call — and seamlessly transitions to uninterrupted audio, which highlights her crisp vocals. Brao is heart-wrenchingly blunt in the chorus as she sings, “Tell me L.A. is too far / Tell me the wait is too hard / You forget me every day when I’m a coast away.” “Over The Phone” is cathartic and delicate, quite similar to a breakup.

Delilah Brao will continue to tackle heartbreak, long-distance relationships, and new beginnings in her debut EP, Since You’re In New York. Make sure to follow her on her socials to stay up-to-date with her future releases!

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“Love Me Back” – fromis_9

Craving a song as sweet as ice cream and a series as addicting as iced lattes? K-pop girl group fromis_9 have participated in singing romance webcomicOperation: True Love’s OST! “Love Me Back” expresses the singer’s yearning for the other party’s attention and attraction, urging them to love them back. Singing sweetly, “Waiting for your call / I think of it every night / I just wanna fall in love / Pretending to be a coincidence” they fall deeper and deeper in love.

Written by author kkokkalee and illustrated by artist dle.dumb, Operation: True Love depicts the story of protagonist Su-ae Shim, a girl who’s had her life turned completely upside down via a sentient flip phone, Jellypop. Facing the harsh difficulties of dating a haughty boyfriend and living alongside her oh-so-perfect stepsister, Ra-im, Jellypop has a lot to say about Su-ae Shim’s hectic love life. With the meeting of her indifferent boyfriend’s friend, Eunhyeok, and rising suspicion of Ra-im’s relationship with her boyfriend, Su-ae attempts to operate the hecticism of high school romance.

Feel this trembling feeling while listening to “Love Me Back” on Spotify and Apple music while reading along to kkokkalee and dle.dumb’s heart-fluttering series Operation: True Love now on WEBTOON!

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“Autosabotear” – Loyal Lobos

Genre-defying, bilingual singer-songwriter Loyal Lobos has returned with her latest single, “Autosabotear,” in anticipation of her sophomore EP, LOBA Vol. I. With the track’s title translating to “self-sabotage,” this is the Colombian-born artist’s mostvulnerable release to date. “Autosabotear” is a pensive, folk-tinged song with a minimalist atmosphere that allows the focus to be solely on Loyal Lobos’ vocals. The single’s music video is eerie and jarring as the visual showcase depicts Loyal Lobos in various scenes of impending, self-inflicted doom. Loyal Lobos explained in a press release, “‘Autosbotear’ is about the self-destructive tendencies that one has about love… Our own love relationship with ourselves is a battle and I’ve always brought chaos into love.” 

“Autosabotear” is the third single to be revealed from the upcoming EP, along with the tracks “El Rio” and “Si Volviera A Conocerte.” LOBA Vol. I transcends language and utilizes pop music to celebrate and transform the sounds of Loyal Lobos’ home country. The sophomore EP will feature six songs:  one in English and five in Spanish. Make sure to keep up with Loyal Lobos via her social media for all things related to her upcoming new music!

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Vocal powerhouse P-pop girl group 4TH IMPACT fall out of love in their U.S. debut single release “DISTORTED.” Produced by Miklos Malek, a prominent American Hungarian songwriter and music producer, “DISTORTED” stands as an energetic pop song with its bright striking synths, soaring soul-baring vocals and colliding rhythms. Through their track, 4TH IMPACT sing about a relationship facing a breakup, portraying a woman’s determination to assert her worth and stand up for what is right. Accompanied by its music video, the four sisters showcase their powerful choreography, wearing diverse apparel fit for each sister. 

As mentioned in a press release, 4TH IMPACT are determined to break through into the international mainstream by representing Filipino pop culture and music. The girls aim to showcase that they are more than just a group formed by an agency, emphasizing the tight-knit bond they share as sisters.

“DISTORTED” marks the beginning of their U.S. tour, which is scheduled from November 2023 to 2024. The quartet plans to gift their devoted supporters and fans (a.k.a DREAMERS) with their first EP featuring five original songs slated for release on October 28.

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“Flowers” – Fujii Kaze

Japanese singer-songwriter Fujii Kaze comes back with a blooming message in his latest single, “Flowers.” Fujii worked alongside English music producer and songwriter A.G. Cook to produce the motivational track, in addition to art director and graphic designer Motty for the single cover’s artwork.

Fujii presents a song of self-growth and self-discovery. With the track’s organic piano playing harmonizing with the addictive drum groove, Fujii warmly serenades, “Confused by the various shapes and forms / But onе day everything will feel so cute / What will I be? / What color would I like to be? / I’m going to find / The flower inside of me.” Giving hope and encouragement to listeners, Fujii endorses flourishment into a journey of one’s self-searching, wonder, and flourishment. Now, go find the flower within you and let it bloom!

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Other tracks in this week’s For Your Friday playlist include Good Enough” by Chanyeol, “Mil Veces” by Anitta, and Kali Uchis’ “Te Mata.” Listen to everything mentioned and more, curated by Team EnVi only for you.

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