It’s Friday and you know what that means — Team EnVi’s got your weekend soundtrack covered with our For You Friday series. We’ve combed through the hottest tracks released this week and packed them into a specially curated playlist just for you!

“決心 (Kesshin)” – SUPER BEAVER

Looking for a track to uplift your mood and give you a boost of confidence? Four-piece Japanese rock band SUPER BEAVER have got you covered. On November 3, SUPER BEAVER stole the hearts of their fans yet again with the release of the hopeful pop-rock track “Kesshin.” The single speaks to the unknown nature of the future, dispelling the fears of the listener despite not knowing what the future might bring. With emotional vocals and a thrilling guitar that give an air of reassurance, lead vocalist Ryūta Shibuya sings about how the future should be fun and one should smile. After all, it’s okay to not know everything yet. 

The group first stepped into the spotlight in 2008 with their debut album 心景 and although it has been 15 years, the group has maintained their sound since the beginning. Many anime fans would probably recognize them through their various releases for popular anime series throughout the years. SUPER BEAVER has released tracks like “Shinkokyuu” for the ending of season 5 of Naruto; “Toppaku” for the opening of season 2 of Haikyuu; Hitamuki for the opening of season 6 of My Hero Academia and more. Their signature sound has followed them throughout their career, perfect for that emotional hit of nostalgia many listeners can’t get enough of. If you’re looking for an artist to scratch that itch, look no further than SUPER BEAVER!

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“Like Breathing” – Vaundy

Multi-faceted singer-songwriter Vaundy captures the ears of listers with his early single release “Like Breathing” on November 8. Featured in his upcoming second album retro, Vaundy sings a sentimental ballad of a time of pain, questioning, and sadness. Setting a melancholy tone with his mournful vocals and the track’s emotional instrumentation, Vaundy sings, “There were also times that were meaningless / But they weren’t a waste / The gaps in my heart that were sewn together / Are filling up in the middle.”

While the first few verses and chorus showcased the light playing of the emotional piano layered with Vaundy’s powerful vocals, the song slowly made its way into transforming into a harmonic burst of soft percussion and guitar chords. Embedding more intense sorrow through the buildup of sentiment through the escalation of instruments in the song’s bridge and final chorus.

Vaundy’s second full-album, featuring two discs, will be making its official release on November 15 on all streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music. Tracks on disc two of the album have already been released, all in which have been featured in various forms of media such as films, shows, and commercials throughout the years.

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“Nice to meet you” – PinkPantheress feat. Central Cee

Pop princess PinkPantheress has finally released her highly-anticipated debut album, Heaven knows. The singer-songwriter-producer takes listeners on a captivating journey through tales of love, obsession, and a melancholic exploration of mortality. On the pop song “Nice to meet you,” PinkPantheress expresses her overflowing, unhealthy affection for her partner. The hauntingly addictive chorus features her tenderly singing, “I’ll pray that I’ll die before my baby / I’ll take risk if anyone tries to touch my baby.” The U.K. breakout artist enchants listeners with her mellifluous voice, leaving them utterly mesmerized.

British rapper Central Cee hops on the second verse, offering a different point-of-view on the toxic relationship. His monotone delivery perfectly complements the cheeky revelation of his cheating with the line, “I said ‘Nah, I’m not bein’ unfaithful, baby’ /  And somehow she caught me lyin’.” Cench humorously reveals that the couple has since parted ways, noting that his ex is now posting storytimes on TikTok. He emphasizes that he’s not planning to enter another relationship anytime soon, quipping, “Cupid try aim at my heart / I jumped over the car, and tried duck and dive.” 

PinkPantheress continues to shine throughout the remainder of her album, featuring her hit singles “Boys a Liar Pt. 2,” “Mosquito,” and “Capable of Love.”

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‘alone’ – Willow Smith 

If you are in need of a satisfying and nostalgic addition to your fall playlist, WILLOW is back to give you exactly that! On November 3, the 23-year-old broke her silence and released a single and a visual video of a song called “alone.” Her discography has extended to yet another genre, as WILLOW has dipped her toes in punk rock with her hit, “transparent soul” and indie pop with “Meet Me At Our Spot.” The track goes through the complicated emotions of being alone in the lyrics and the beat, as there is a constant change in the groove from the beginning until the end. WILLOW sings, “Alone, alone / Nothing is what it seems / When you wake, when you dream.” 

The song starts off with a deep synth before hitting with a smooth guitar and bass, as WILLOW’s eerie and emotive vocals pull you into the story. The repetitive chorus is thought-evoking, as the harmonies bring you into a state of calmness and zen. The ending of the song suddenly builds up in pace but slowly comes back down to its original tone, showing the frustrations and also contentment that can come with loneliness. The music video shows WILLOW surrounded by white walls singing to the camera, easily entrancing viewers. While there is no news about any upcoming releases, we hope to see what more WILLOW has to bring to the table in the future!  

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Other tracks in this week’s For Your Friday playlist include “Drama” by aespa, “Victim” by Zack Tabudlo, “Peppermint Gum” by frederic, and “BREATHE” by Armani White. Listen to everything mentioned and more, curated by Team EnVi only for you.

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