Leo is the fifth astrological sign of the Western zodiac, and it occurs when the sun travels through its constellation from July 22nd to August 23rd each year. Along with Aries and Sagittarius, Leo is one of the three fire signs of the zodiac. Fire signs are passionate people who are characterized by their intensity and infectious energy. They are independent, headstrong, and forward thinking, rarely stopping to look back or reflect. These qualities can make fire signs seem impatient and stubborn, but much like fire these signs will not be contained easily. 

Leos are confident and love to be the center of attention. This, however, does not mean they overlook others. In fact, Leos are fiercely loyal and protective of those close to them. They have bright and sunny personalities that endear others to them. Their generosity and kind-hearted nature is often shown with big gestures that stand out as much as they do.

The symbol of the lion is tied to Leo and represents their bravery, boldness, and natural leadership abilities. Physically, Leo’s resemble lions as well; They are known for their intense gaze, strong jaw lines, and voluminous hair. In terms of their physical frame, Leo’s have broad shoulders paired with long gaits and are on the taller side. The combination of all these traits makes Leo’s powerful presence undeniable.

To celebrate the season, EnVi is highlighting five Leo K-pop idols. 

Mark – NCT

In a recent Instagram post, the 24-year old showed off his lion-like features. His intense gaze was enhanced by color contacts and complemented by his free flowing hair. Mark is also known for his broad shoulders and long gait that makes him stand out amongst his members. His large presence and striking visual is quintessentially that of a Leo.

Mark released his single “Golden Hour” earlier this year and showcased his confidence and wit as a lyricist. The single’s concept rehashes an incident from 2017 when Mark was teased by famous Chef Gordon Ramsay for his failure to cook eggs properly. In true Leo fashion, the idol took the viral moment as an opportunity to recognize his talents and strengths while playing into the joke. Lyrics from the track include “Them menus are like my mirror/My facial thangs so Michelin/Yeah, I’m kind of obsessed with myself/ Can’t even hide all I got, I’m all booked up.” 

Recently, Mark went viral for his version of the “Booty Wurk” TikTok challenge during a recent fan meeting . Mark’s passion for dance and ability to channel the energy of the song was beloved by fans and received a huge reaction. It is clear that Mark is very comfortable being the center of attention and demonstrating his talents. The dance was so well received that Mark redid the challenge with fellow member Jisung on Tik Tok.

Bahiyyih – Kep1er

A post for Bahiyyih’s birthday was shared on the official Kepler Instagram. The post showed off the idol’s unique visuals including her fierce gaze, sharp jawline, and signature long hair. Bahiyyih is also the second tallest member of Kep1er. This combination of common Leo features give her  a distinct look that makes her stand out.

Bahiyyih recently filmed a TikTok with her brother TXT’s Huening Kai, dancing to his latest  song “Do It Like That.” The duo have made several other TikToks showing their support for each other’s group promotions regularly. Like Leo, Bahiyyih is not shy about supporting her brother and showing her loyalty and care for him.

Fans noticed Bahiyyih’s Leo-like behavior during an appearance at an airport. The idol received a letter from a fan and was quick to proudly show it off while posing for the cameras. Leo’s like to send grand gestures, but they appreciate being on the receiving end as well. It is no surprise that Bahiyyih was quick to show off the letter as a token of gratitude.


A visual clip of Asahi shared in promotion of TREASURE’s latest comeback artfully showcased the idol’s most striking features. His distinct gaze, sharp jawline, and black wardrobe exude confidence and a strong aura.

During the Hello Tour, Asahi went viral for his behavior at a show in Hong Kong. He can be seen in fancams effortlessly leading the crowd and their light sticks back and forth. Fans affectionately refer to the moment as “Asahi’s zumba class.” The moment is brief but also demonstrates Asahi’s natural leadership abilities and level of comfort being the center of attention amongst a large crowd.

Another notable moment from the tour happened in Osaka, Japan, Asahi’s hometown. During a performance, Asahi abruptly yells “Osaka, I’m home!” and proceeds to energetically race across the stage and hype up the crowd. This emotional moment shows the idol’s loyalty and love for the place he once called home. The song playing during this moment entitled “Thank You”was  co-written by Asahi and is about expressing gratitude for love and the lessons it teaches you.

YEEUN – Soloist

YEEUN has many of the physical Leo characteristics including her cat-like eyes and long luscious hair. Despite being on the shorter end of our list, the 24-year old’s persona and presence solidify the strong presence Leo’s are known for. Her appearance exudes confidence and charisma.

In her solo debut, YEEUN released the track “Cherry Coke” accompanied by a vibrant and energetic music video. Lyrics from the single include “We got the flavors/ It is so contagious/ Feelin’ bodacious/ The greatest.” The confidence that exudes from the visuals and lyrics showcase YEEUN’s Leo essence.

Mingi – ATEEZ

An official video of ATEEZ’s Waterbomb performance specifically follows Mingi rapping and engaging with fans. Mingi’s stage presence and energy was infectious and left a lasting impression on fans. A commenter stated “I wish I’d traveled to see this. Mingi looks like he was pure, elemental fire.”

ATEEZ released ‘BOUNCY (K-HOT CHILLI PEPPERS)’ earlier this year and Mingi participated in songwriting for the track.  Lyrics from Mingi’s verse state “To the point of madness with crazy people/Shake it until you’re about to overheat/Yeah, want it, want it and burn it, burn it/Again, let’s play more, it’s hot in here.” These lyrics embody the fire signs passion and connection with the element. The music video is also filled with imagery of fire and is bursting with energy.

Are You Compatible with Leo?

Leos  are typically most compatible with their fellow fire signs, Aries and Sagittarius because of their fiery passion. They also mesh well with air signs (Gemini, Aquarius, and Libra) because of their free nature and playful personalities.

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