Thank goodness it’s Friday! Closing out the week and kicking off the weekend are great reasons to celebrate. But what makes Friday even more exciting is the new music from artists across the globe—everyone say thank you Beyoncé. In the first installation of EnVi’s For You Friday series, we’ve got all the hottest music releases from this week just for you.

“Love Like This” – ZAYN

It has been just over two and a half years since his last album, Nobody Is Listening, but ZAYN is back with a fresh sound for his new single, “Love Like This.” The British singer wears his heart on his sleeve through the emotionally vulnerable track as he professes his devotion to his lover. He boldly sings, “Everything is on the line, but I would rather be dead / If it’s gonna mean a life that’s lived without you, baby.” The chance for summer love is not over yet, and “Love Like This” is here to open the door for romance.

“ETA” –  NewJeans

It is a hot girl summer indeed, which includes cutting out people who don’t deserve you, according to K-pop super rookies NewJeans. “ETA” is the latest hit off of NewJeans’ second EP, Get Up. The track is driven by an intense beat that is reminiscent of club hits.

With an equally powerful music video, the girls use “ETA” to soundtrack the tale of best friends who catch a cheater in the act. NewJeans set the record straight as they sing, “Trust me, you deserve better than that / I’ll give you a hand, he’s just playin’.”

“House on a Hill” – Eric Nam featuring Em Beihold

Eric Nam’s latest single and title track from his upcoming album, “House on a Hill,” gets a re-release with popular singer-songwriter Em Beihold this week. The catchy pop tune details the familiar and relatable millennial anxiety of ‘what if the grass isn’t greener on the other side?’ “What if being happy isn’t what I thought / what if more is never enough?” end the chorus. Taking on the second verse, Beihold’s light and airy vocals fit right into the track and blends with Nam’s perfectly.  

Elevating the track at the climax, the singers take turns on the bridge before leading us into the last chorus and outro. The song leaves you with a feeling of longing, just like the lyrics describe instantly making you go back for a replay and possibly to book a session with your therapist.

“Pink” – Lizzo

Greta Gerwig’s Barbie has finally hit movie theaters and it has a star-studded soundtrack to go with it. One hit off the album is Lizzo’s summery, synth-heavy, self-love anthem, “Pink.” Lizzo encourages everyone to feel comfortable in whatever they choose as she sings, “What you wearin’? Dress or suit? / Either way, that power looks so good on you.” If you are searching for a confidence boost to have a good weekend, try listening to “Pink” while getting ready for your day.

“the way things go” – beabadobee

the way things go” is the latest heart-wrenchingly cathartic song from indie pop songstress beabadobee. Sonically, the single is whimsical with its folk influence, which complements the overall theme of the track — accepting that not every relationship will work out. The life lesson is sweetly wrapped within beabadobee’s vocals as she sings, “They do say love is blind / But I guess that’s the way things go.”

“Buckle Bunny”Tanner Adell

The new release from country music’s new pop princess, Tanner Adell, is sure to make TikTok happy. Ever since she teased the track on the app back in November 2022, the song has gone viral several times, becoming a trending sound with over 3,000 uses and 10 million views. The song is hard-hitting, perfectly straddling the line between pop and country with lyrics bound to become overused Instagram captions this summer. 

Flipping the usually insulting term “buckle bunny” on it’s head, Adell breathes empowerment into the ditzy, groupie stereotype. Exclaiming in the chorus, “I’m a buckle bunny / drive my own truck / got my own money.” But any cowgirl can relate to the girl power anthem, “Sassed up / round ‘em like cattle / looking like Beyoncé with a lasso.” 

Adell announced the release of the track in late June via TikTok — of course. She also added that she had to fight her label for months to get it out and it was all thanks to the fans (bunnies) who made it happen.

“Save Me” – MAMAMOO+

MAMAMOO+, a sub-unit consisting of Solar and Moonbyul of K-pop girl group MAMAMOO, have returned with their latest track, “Save Me.” Just before the release of the duo’s first mini-album, TWO RABBITS, “Save Me” is a romantic yet melancholic R&B song. With its delicate piano melody, Solar’s sweet falsetto takes over and blends with Moonbyul’s rich vocals to create a delightful combination.

If “Save Me” is any indicator of what to expect from the pair next, it is that MAMAMOO+ will stay true to themselves and continue to explore their musical horizons together.

“Back To Me” – The Rose

If you are currently soothing the heartache of summer love, then try listening to South Korean indie rock band, The Rose, and their latest release, “Back To Me.” The gritty track is fueled with emotion as the band sings about their self-destructive actions in their previous relationship. “Back To Me” is climactic and yanks at the heartstrings as the members belt out, “I can unmake all we were made to be / But I can’t make you come back to me.”

From their unique vocal tones to isolated instrumental breaks, each member shines on “Back To Me,” serving as a testament that The Rose truly is a band worth keeping your eyes on.

“K-POP” – Travis Scott, Bad Bunny, The Weeknd

The internet collectively said “Huh?” when it was announced that the long anticipated collaborative single from three of the biggest artists in the world would be named “K-POP.” Following a trend we saw start last year of artists randomly naming tracks after viral products, celebrities, or trends, this song is no exception. The only mention of the namesake is when The Weeknd sings “you know I’m high off that K-POP” with his verse quite obviously referring to drugs, a common theme in his music.

The track is catchy, upbeat and fast-paced with tropical elements throughout. The song slows a bit with a smooth pop-tinged bridge from The Weeknd while Bad Bunny comes in hot with a verse in Spanish and Travis Scott showcases his signature autotuned vocals. Clocking in at just over three minutes, the song is made for the clubs and beach parties making it a contender for song of the summer.

MIND YOUR BUSINESS – & Britney Spears

Over a decade since Britney Spears and the Black Eyed Peas frontman last collaborated, they’re back again with the aptly titled “MIND YOUR BUSINESS.” After years of having her every move photographed, documented, and analyzed, the pop star wants to be left alone. With lyrics like “they got eyes up in the sky / so pose for the camera” the up-tempo EDM/dance track relates to some of the darkest, most scrutinized moments in Spear’s  life. 

Spears also recently announced her memoir, The Woman in Me, would be released on October 24. Finally being able to tell her story in her own words after “years of therapy that helped her write the book” and move on to new chapters. This new single, second to last year’s collaboration with Elton John, could be a sign of more music to come from Britney in the near future.

Other tracks in this week’s For Your Friday playlist included NCT DREAM’s “Yogurt Shake,” Tinashe’s “Talk To Me Nice,” and Kito & Lolo Zouaï’s “Sticky.” Listen to everything mentioned and more curated by Team EnVi only for you.

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