K-pop’s resident self-love and empowerment anthem makers, ITZY, returned with their pre-release single “Boys Like You.” True to their discography, “Boys Like You” is all about standing up for yourself and moving on. Members Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeon, and Yuna show off their versatility in this melody-driven, all-English release. The song and accompanying music video dropped on October 21. 

“Boys Like You”

ITZY take a note from teen pop anthems in “Boys Like You.” The cheery pop-rock instrumental is packed with electronic elements, with a snappy snare drum carrying the beat. With lyrics like “Boy wanna date me? / Boy outta date” and the catchy hook, “‘Cause I don’t fall for boys like you,” ITZY remind listeners of the importance of knowing your self-worth.

Sporting a set of pop-punk, school uniform-inspired outfits, “Boys Like You” feels like a song right out of the mid-2000s. And with lyrics entirely in English, ITZY struck the hearts of international fans that grew up with exactly that type of coming-of-age movie soundtrack.

A Hint of Halloween

In the “Boys Like You” music video, the girls of ITZY invite viewers into what is, presumably, a packed Halloween party—joining in their labelmates’ tradition of releasing Halloween-themed videos. Dressed up in sophisticated, all-white angel costumes, the girls stand out among their peers as they pursue the story’s main love interest. Contrary to the innocent image they present, they sabotage each other to get the guy’s attention.


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Throughout the party, ITZY uncover the truth about their crush: he’s a player and not worth their time. By the end of the night, the five girls have given up their sweet, angelic facade and embraced their authentic, spunky nature. And, to make things even better, they are all partying together. No longer split over their clashing interests in one boy, they unite as friends. 

“Boys Like You,” geared towards an international and English-speaking audience, is fitting as ITZY head into their first world tour. As the five-member powerhouse continues to inspire confidence in young generations worldwide, we are excited to see what they do next.

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