Sporting a simple black shirt and a crochet cat beanie—a staple Gen Z accessory—I was greeted by a familiar face that I often see from my social media pages. It was Niana Guerrero, a popular social media personality from the Philippines. It’s a Wednesday afternoon and the 17-year-old content creator is online to have a quick chat through Google Meet. Though she admitted she is a bit tired due to the Harry Styles concert in the Philippines that we both attended separately a day before this exclusive interview, Niana never failed to give me her warmest smiles which lit up her room throughout the whole chat.

Sitting comfortably on her black gaming chair, Niana spoke to EnVi about the process behind her viral TikTok dances, her journey as a Gen Z content creator, and a glimpse of her future plans.

Niana’s Fun Journey So Far

Niana’s journey as a social media personality started when she tagged along to her brother’s group for a dance cover of “Teach Me How to Dougie.” In the 2011 video, little Niana is seen dancing and nodding her head to the beat with sunglasses on for a few minutes which charmed netizens. Aside from the fact that it was a popular song that time, her brother Ranz Kyle, was a part of a Filipino boy group. With that growing online attention, this gave Niana a chance to gain her own set of online followers and build her online career.

Two years later, she went viral again, but this time for a solo video of her dancing to the “Gwiyomi Song,” which currently has 14 million views on Youtube as of writing. She also made waves overseas back in 2017 with her viral video vibing to “Despacito” in a carpool karaoke style which has over 50 million views so far.

Looking back to her old viral moments on social media, EnVi asked Niana what inspired her to continue sharing content online, “We have no intention to go viral, or make money or anything,” she answered sincerely. For Niana, social media content creation was all about fun, and will always be about fun. “We were just having fun, you know? When we were doing it already, people started commenting for more. We were like, okay then, we should do it since it’s just [been] fun. We love doing it in the first place.” Niana said, giving a small chuckle at the end.

It is not a secret that one of Niana’s biggest supporters of her career is her family.  At one point of our interview, her father also joined in the call to check-in for his daughter. The Guerrero family is in full support of Niana by participating on her vlogs and doing challenges. According to Niana, it is a very fun vibe to do content creating with her family. “The support and energy they give me pushes us more to do what we do which is amazing.” she shared.

Going with the Flow with Niana

For Niana, it’s all about going with the flow. Giving the most enthusiastic face on the screen she told EnVi that she hopes she’s putting a smile on people’s faces. “What I love most in what I do is putting smiles on people’s faces. When I read their comments in my video that it made their day, it makes my day too! It’s the fact that I hopefully inspire people.” she sweetly says.

Out of all the vlogs she uploaded, Niana mentioned her crosswalk concert vlog with SB19, “It means a lot to me. That video is one of the biggest videos we ever produced,” she says excitedly. The said vlog is the most memorable one for her as “it’s a video [done] in public so it’s very scary” she explained, “It was cool and it’s fun cause they agreed to do it.”

Though it feels like she has done a lot of things, one viral video after another, the young creator is keeping her eyes peeled for what the future holds. “Maybe, maybe not? I mean, who knows the future? I don’t really know,” Niana cheekily answered when asked if she sees herself doing the same thing as a content creator in the near future. “I’m looking forward to it. […] I’ll just continue doing what I do.” she further explained. Currently, she shared that she is trying new things like singing and playing the guitar. Last year, Niana released a song with his brother titled “NOISE.” 

OMG on K-pop

Even though Niana has fans of her own who look up to her as their idol, the influencer showed EnVi she also has a fan side, especially with K-pop. Throughout the past years, she has been noticed by multiple K-pop idols for her dancing. Some K-pop idols have either danced to her TikTok dance choreographies or contacted her on Instagram, like EXO’s Chanyeol and SM Entertainment’s official account.

With these exciting K-pop interactions Niana said she’d like to work with NewJeans. “They’re so good, ohmygosh! All their songs are vibe, so hopefully [I get to collaborate] with NewJeans.” she shared, gushing and swinging her arms to her head as she imitated the K-pop girlgroup’s popular choreography to their song “OMG.” 

A Thank You For Her Fans

Niana’s online community just keeps on growing bigger and bigger as the days pass. Aside from sharing fun with her fans, Niana wants to feel connected to them through the screen, “Obviously, I want them to feel very connected in what we’re doing. [Make them] smile. Feel hopefully inspired by what we do.” she answered when asked how she wants her viewers or online followers to feel or react to the content she shares.

Niana left a message for her fans who have been supporting her ever since the start of her career. She opened her message with a cheerful “What’s up party people?” a line she often says. She continued, “Thank you for all the support. The support you have been giving me recently has been very, very nice. Thank you so much for all the support, I hope to see you guys again and just, watch out for what we’ve been working on. So many things!” she teased at the end.