There was a Jentle Home and a Jentle Garden. Now, Gentle Monster and Jennie Kim announce Jentle Salon, their newest collection. The South Korean brand and the K-pop idol teased their upcoming eyewear collaboration on April 18. Pivoting away from past neutral tones, the promotions paint the screen with pink hues and a coquette flare. 

Photo courtesy of Gentle Monster.

What We Know So Far

Titled Jentle Salon, Jennie’s newest fashion endeavor is set to welcome a new chapter in her longstanding partnership with Gentle Monster. In a promotional video, the superstar is captured opening a furry pink box. Inside, a stuffed unicorn toy adorned with eyewear charms and accessories offers a sneak peek at Jentle Salon’s theme and aesthetic. 

Photo courtesy of Gentle Monster. Photography by Petra Collins

The PR package consists of four acetate frames including a pair of shades in baby pink. Similar to the previous collaboration, a pair of wire optical lenses have been incorporated into the mix. Bow charms, a pink comb, and capybara baubles added to the playful aesthetic. Capybaras are known to be Jennie’s favorite animals, so the Easter egg has been much appreciated by fans. 

According to Gentle Monster. the full collaboration will include eight never-seen-before eyewear models. Additionally, 11 design charms reinterpreting Jennie’s favorite objects, including bows, clouds and stars will be released as part of the collaboration. Check out some of the designs below.

A Fantasy World

On April 22, Jentle Salon promotions continued with a dreamy commercial featuring Jennie. In the video, the pop princess rode an animated unicorn into the sky, as the words “Beyond my younger self” echoed in the background. Along with the video, Gentle Monster announced the locations of Jentle Salon pop-up stores to celebrate the new launch. The events will reach thirteen global cities — including New York, Seoul, Bangkok and Tokyo — from May to July. 

Jentle Salon is slated for release on May 1, 2024. This third installment has been a long time coming for Jennie and Gentle Monster. Aligning with the whimsical world they’ve built through past collaborations, Jentle Salon depicts a fantasy image close to the heart. The newest release embraces an inner softness and playfulness for Jennie Kim and Gentle Monster.

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