On April 8, 2022, Gracie Abrams released her latest single, “Block me out.” This single comes nearly five months after Abrams released her EP, This Is What It Feels Like last year. The new track not only embodies Abrams’ signature sound and vulnerability but also tackles the topic of struggling with mental health. 

The Making of “Block me out” 

The video released for the song is a collage of video clips in the Long Pond Studio in upstate New York, where the track was recorded. As it is co-written and produced by renowned songwriter and producer, Aaron Dessner, it is no surprise that the song is breathtakingly refreshing. Dessner is also the producer and co-writer behind Taylor Swift’s folklore and evermore. Both were nominated for Album of the Year at the Grammy Awards—with folklore winning the award—so Dessner’s talent is unquestionable when it comes to putting together exalting tracks. 

Dessner even shared on Twitter that he enjoyed working on the track with Abrams. 

The folk-pop-like song begins with guitar-dominated instrumentals. Abrams’ airy vocals immediately draw in the listener, captivating the audience with her intricate lyricism. She has never been one to shy away from hard topics. In “Block me out” she delves into the tangle of feelings that came with her anxiety. She sings “I think I’m burnin’ alive, but nobody sees the fire / ‘Cause when I open my mouth, I seem to be stuck in silence / And I thought of leavin’ tonight, but I couldn’t drive this tired / Plus, after all this time, I should be a pretty crier.”

She successfully encapsulates and verbalizes a feeling that many are familiar with but are unable to voice. It’s no wonder why she has been able to build a community of listeners that enjoy her music. Abrams has a unique talent for storytelling, embodying unfiltered honesty in her music. The intimacy she shares with her songwriting and the vulnerability of her lyrics draw people in and captivates everyone. 

Praising a Masterpiece 

Mesmerized fans share their love for “Block me out” on social media. 


The song has also caught the attention of BTS’ j-hope, who shared the track on his Instagram story. 

Since the release of the song, Abrams has already performed it for fans while on tour with Olivia Rodrigo in Salt Lake City, Portland, and Vancouver. 

The Story Continues 

After wrapping up her tour, This Is What It Feels Like, Abrams joins Grammy award winner, and her friend, Olivia Rodrigo, on her sold-out SOUR TOUR. She is also working on her debut album with Dessner though no release date has been announced as of yet. 

Keep up with Abrams on her Instagram and Twitter for updates on her music journey! 

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