Country: Philippines

Ideas and Inspirations for Group Order Account:
We started opening group orders mainly because we wanted to boost NCT’s album sales in our own little ways. We mainly do non-profit GOs since we want many fans to get NCT’s albums at a very affordable price.

Mostly albums.

Responsibilities as a Group Order Manager (GOM):
I take the orders and manage the account. I’m also in charge of packing the albums for delivery and sending them to our customers.

Usage of Advertisement:
We mainly use Twitter.

Problems or Issues Encountered:
Problems encountered will include some who just place an order and will not make a payment. There are also demanding customers.

The most important thing in handling a Group Order account?:
The most important thing is patience since doing this isn’t easy.

Enjoyment from this Business:
I enjoy this because I get to connect with other fans and as a fan myself, I get so happy seeing them receiving their orders.

Just be patient and enjoy it!

Thumbnail: Jeno by @katz.e