On April 14, 2022, Ha Sungwoon released the digital single “LA LA POP!” in collaboration with the fan community platform UNIVERSE. A breath of fresh air, the bright pop song comes just in time for spring.  

A Song Just For You

“LA LA POP!” whisks listeners away to a distant land with its fantastical music video. The music video is immediately bright, with eye-catching primary colors on display. To set the scene, Ha Sungwoon stands dressed in a lab coat in the middle of a busy research lab. Around him, as people are bustling at work, Ha Sungwoon is lively and carefree. The retro beat is funky and builds up to a playful chorus where the soloist takes center stage with his star vocals. 

The song is sure to incite a happy mood in listeners. In a cute dance fitting to the song, Ha Sungwoon places a kiss on the back of his hand with a cheeky look toward the camera. The chorus continues this sweet sentiment, filled with warm “la la la la” “pop pop pop pop” vocalizations to further add to the song’s lighthearted vibe. 

For the bridge, listeners are taken to a darker, dusty terrain, but Ha Sungwoon quickly makes the place light up as he delivers his final chorus, becoming a spotlight amidst the darkness. Throughout the song, Ha Sungwoon’s playful nature and breezy vocals create an undeniable mood-lifting energy in the song. Ha Sungwoon is completely at ease; his laid-back energy is ever-present as a performer who has fun with his music. 

Reveling in the high-spirited energy, fans took to Twitter to share their affection for “LA LA POP!”


Ha Sungwoon’s Journey as an Artist

While Ha Sungwoon has been in the K-pop scene since 2014, he branched into his solo music career only in 2019. Before then, Ha Sungwoon debuted in the K-pop boy group HOTSHOT and later debuted again as a member of Wanna One after placing 11th in the survival show Produce 101

He went on to release his first solo album titled My Moment in 2019 and has since released additional albums, such as BXXX, Mirage, and Sneakers. Ha Sungwoon also lent his voice for several OSTs, including ones for the popular K-dramas True Beauty and Our Beloved Summer

Next Up: Musical Preparations

Amid his solo music and participation in OSTs, Ha Sungwoon also has a musical role lined up. He will star as a character named Haram in the romance musical Midnight Sun in early May. With all his different ventures, Ha Sungwoon’s passion towards music and singing shines through. 

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