JYP Entertainment girl group NMIXX have explored a genre-bending sound since their February 2022 debut with single album AD MARE. In their latest release, expérgo, the group continues to build their adventurous discography. The six-track mini album gives members Haewon, Lily, Sullyoon, Bae, Jiwoo, and Kyujin a chance to celebrate their youth with a lively comeback.

Ready, Set, Go

Ahead of the mini album’s March 20 release, NMIXX dropped the anthem-like “Young, Dumb, Stupid” on March 12. The pre-release track features an adaptation of French nursery rhyme “Frère Jacques,” with all six members joining in the song’s playful chorus. From the hot pink music video to the mischievous lyrics “Young, dumb, stupid / But who cares?” everything about the B-side track celebrates youthful energy. It’s the epitome of bold, bubbly, and colorful, recalling the upbeat fearlessness and unabashed confidence that teenagers approach the world with.

One week later on March 20, the group had their formal comeback with “Love Me Like This.” The title track embraces the Y2K theme introduced in “Young, Dumb, Stupid,” driving it in a new direction with a grungier tone. Wearing plaid and denim ensembles accessorized with black ties and silver jewelry, the members of NMIXX seem to emulate an early 2000s pop-rock aesthetic in one look. In the same music video, the group adopts a more whimsical set of outfits that resembles the bright colors of their previous releases. An abundance of pleated skirts, cropped knitwear, and distressed detailing embraces the look of a past era, bringing the retro revival to NMIXX’s content. 

JYP Entertainment has deemed NMIXX’s musical concept “MIXX Pop” since the group’s debut — “Love Me Like This” carries on the tradition of melding genres in innovative and, typically, unconventional ways. The song incorporates elements of R&B, hip-hop, and rock throughout its verses and choruses. The repetitive chant that defines the chorus deviates from NMIXX’s previous releases with a refreshing, darker mood. Despite that, the members showcase their vocal chops in the pre-chorus and bridge, with adlibs bringing a different variation to the song’s ending.


expérgo’s four remaining tracks can be divided into two categories based on their sound: light and dark. On the lighter side is “PAXXWORD,” an upbeat tune that deploys layered vocals and falsettos to create a mild, bouncy chorus that highlights the six members’ vocal talents. While the majority of the song is sung, there is a brief retro-style rap in the bridge that temporarily changes the song’s pace. “My Gosh” is the other bright song on the EP. It is a slower track that recalls “COOL (Your rainbow)” from ENTWURF, with a simple instrumental relative to NMIXX’s typical releases. With a melodic guitar guiding the flow, the group’s voices take center stage.

Just Did It” is the first of two darker — meaning, comparatively edgy or grunge — tracks. A clear snare drum carries the instrumental, giving the verses a confrontational feel. With a build-up to the chorus followed by an anti-drop featuring almost-discordant overlaid vocals, the song’s overall mood is sassy. Similarly, “HOME” relies on rap-heavy verses to convey a carefree attitude. It is perhaps the B-side that most returns to the MIXX POP concept, with choruses that recall early 2000s pop anthems. 

What’s Next for NMIXX

On March 16, NMIXX announced their first showcase tour, Nice To Mixx You, which will make 13 stops across multiple countries. The series of shows will start in May 2023, with tickets for the United States stops going on sale in late March. Additionally, the members of NMIXX were officially announced as Spanish luxury brand LOEWE’s official ambassadors in September 2022. After their recent appearance at the label’s show during Paris Fashion Week, the group is establishing its presence in the fashion industry. With both musical and fashion ventures in store for the rest of the year, NMIXX’s year ahead promises a variety of exciting new content.

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