Happy Sungchan Day: 20 Moments For 20 Years

By: Valerie Lopez
Sungchan 20

Last year Sungchan made his debut in NCT 2020’s first teaser. Since then, he’s been gracing NCity with his presence, showing off his rap skills and personality to the world. Today marks the idol’s 20th birthday internationally (21 in Korean age). In honor of his birthday, here is a list of 20 reasons to love Sungchan. 

  1. Sungchan’s Debut in NCT 2020 Party In their first teaser for NCT 2020, all 23 members united in chic blue suits, Sungchan and Shotaro made their first appearance in the group. Sungchan’s visuals and modeling skills were on full display in the video.
  2. Sungchan on Welcome to Sun & Moon – During the filming of NCT 2020’s Party video, Haechan and Taeil became hosts of a short series. The duo interviewed Sungchan who got to show off his push-up skills and cute side! His aegyo was unmatched, and highly raised by Taeil!
  3. Sungchan’s Soccer Skills – In NCT World 2.0, the group had a competition to see who can make the most goals. Here, Sungchan shared that he used to play soccer. In the show, he shows off his shooting skills, the power behind his shot even scaring Jeno in the process! 
  4. Sungchan’s Arm Wrestling Strategy In NCT World 2.0, NCT also had the chance to do an arm-wrestling competition. While Sungchan doubted his strength, he made up for it with his wit! He shared he studied arm wrestling and applied his knowledge taking down some of NCT’s strongest members!
  5. Sungchan Protecting His Milk from RenjunIn a cooking Vlive with Renjun, Jungwoo, and Taeil, all four members made food together. Throughout the video, Renjun was seen drinking Jungwoo and Taeil’s milk by accident. He drank from each cup except for Sungchan’s. Sungchan guarded his cup with life, showing how observant he is!
  6. Sungchan and Haechan’s Friendly BanterWhile there is not much content with the two, some clips show their playful dynamic. Haechan has teased his ability to skate among other things, but he has shown his love by buying drinks and taking care of him during promotions. In a behind-the-scenes clip at a music show, Sungchan teased Haechan by saying Ten is the hyung who helped him most on Haechan’s infamous “Haechan Cam.”
  7. Sungchan’s Edgy Music DebutIn NCT 2020’s track video for “Misfit,” Sungchan got edgy with the other NCT rappers. Not only did he perform well, but he showed NCity just why he is part of NCT!
  8. Sungchan’s “90s Love”In his debut title track, Sungchan boasted his rap and dance skills. His iconic “Make V” rap was full of swag and charisma. 
  9. Sungchan’s SpoilersIn a live broadcast with his fellow “90s Love” members, Sungchan got brave. He playfully spoiled his iconic dance for the track ahead of the song’s release. Fans love to see his giddy expression and laugh!
  10. Sungchan’s Praise for ShotaroIn Shotaro’s 24-hour relay cam, Shotaro asked Sungchan to teach him the “90s Love” choreography! In a sweet turn of events, Sungchan told him that he danced better than him. Sungchan then proceeded to demonstrate the dance and the two covered it together! 
  11. Sungchan’s Shoe Design Unsure what to do for his 24-hour relay cam, Sungchan sacrificed his shoes for NCTzen! He cut up an old pair of shoes he used as a trainee and painted his new set of shoes. He got to show off his creative side with this shoe creation!
  12. Sungchan’s Fear in NCT Horror Nights In one of NCT’s latest YouTube shows, Sungchan dressed up with other members to read scary stories. Funnily enough, these stories scared even him. It was cute to see a different side of him! 
  13. Sungchan “Dumb Dumb” Challenge While Somi was a guest MC at Inkigayo, she got Sungchan and his co-host Jihoon to do her fun dance challenge. Glad to see he could do the Batman hand sign! 
  14. Sungchan’s “Seukka Dance” – Joining Chenle and Jisung, Sungchan performed their single “맛(Hot Sauce)” in a chef outfit. Although it was a casual video, his dance skills were evident as he performed each move with ease and cleanliness.
  15. Sungchan’s New Gig at Inkigayo -In March, Jaehyun passed the torch to Sungchan as Inkigayo’s host. Since then, the rapper has been able to MC for the program every Sunday, dressing up in different outfits alongside his co-hosts TREASURE Jihoon and IZ*ONE Yu Jin. It’s alway fun to watch him interview different idols and perform with his peers!
  16. Sungchan’s Got That “Kick Back” Sungchan teamed with Xiaojun to dance to WayV’s “Kick Back.” It is sweet to see the pair dance together, Sungchan towering over Xiaojun! 
  17. Sungchan’s Advice from Taeyong In a behind-the-scenes clip, Taeyong gave the newest member advice for recording a rap. It was heartwarming to see Sungchan confide in the leader for help for their special “Class” stage! 
  18. Sungchan’s “Boss” in NCT 2020 Beyond Live – Sungchan showed he was the boss in his cover of Taeyong’s part in “Boss.” Sungchan seamlessly fit in with the unit, boasting his strong stage presence. 
  19. Sungchan and Shotaro in YangpyeongSungchan and Shotaro traveled to Yangpyeong in one of NCT’s vlogs. Sungchan got to introduce Shotaro to some Korean cuisine and explore a park alongside his roommate. It’s nice to see the two bond!
  20. Sungchan’s Friendship with Jungwoo  Since Sungchan was a trainee, he worked alongside Jungwoo and looked up to him. The two have discussed their friendship on multiple occasions, and fans have seen glimpses of their friendship in official content. 

It is an honor to celebrate Sungchan’s first birthday as a member of NCT! Fans can’t wait to see more of him in the future, especially with the return of NCT full-group promotions in NCT 2021. 

Happy birthday, Sungchan! 


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Thumbnail courtesy of SM Entertainment