A Hot Comeback, NCT Dream Wow Fans with Spicy “맛 (Hot Sauce)” Music Video

By: EnVi Media
Hot Sauce Music video
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By Valerie Lopez | @valschwarie


On May 10 at 6 KST, NCT Dream dropped the music video for their title track “맛 (Hot Sauce)” from their first full-length album with the same name. “맛 (Hot Sauce)” is an energetic song with smooth guitar sounds and an afrobeat influence.

In the “맛 (Hot Sauce)” music video, the NCT Dream members perform and hang out inside of a Taqueria and grocery store as they model with and devour bottles of hot sauce. The music video has a commercial-like appeal, making the bottles of hot sauce stand out in the midst of the commotion. The video has some comical elements, including a scene where NCT Dream members Jaemin and Haechan pour hot sauce in their mouths and their eyes are edited to expand. On a similarly humorous note, the video ends with NCT Dream leader Mark opening a hot sauce bottle to drink it while the members urgently rise from their seats to stop him. In addition to the everyday scenery and acting moments, NCT Dream shows their powerful dance inside of a yellow room with light-up flames.


A Worldwide Phenomenon

Just 10 hours after the release of the video, “맛 (Hot Sauce)” has accumulated 10 million views and 1.2 million likes on YouTube. The music video has received such a hot response on YouTube that it has reached the top of the Worldwide YouTube trends– the second video it took over was unsurprisingly the “맛 (Hot Sauce)” Music Video Teaser.

In Addition to YouTube recognition, the release became a trending topic on Twitter. NCT Dream trended on the top two spots on the worldwide trends, the hashtag “#NCTDREAM_맛_HotSauce” even accumulating over 1 million Tweets.


Love for the Video 

Some NCTzens could not help but list everything they love about the song and video for “맛 (Hot Sauce).”


Wholesome Messages for NCT Dream Members

Some fans had especially sweet things to say about their favorite members.



Appreciation for the Visuals

NCTzens took note of their favorite looks.


Fiery Dancing 

Some fans loved the dance moments.


A Humorous Response

Other fans used this as an opportunity to crack jokes. 


A New Meaning for “NCT”

NCTzens enjoy the play on words in the music video. Instead of “Neo Culture Technology” the video has a scene where NCT is “Neo Cooking Technology.” 


Leading up to the release of the album and video for “맛 (Hot Sauce)”, fans have been fed lots of content. Even though the countdown for NCT Dream’s comeback is over, there is still much to see from the seven members. NCT Dream will start to promote the album on music shows and other programs. NCT Dream have even begun their very own TikTok challenge for the song and dance! 

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