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It’s about that time of the year again, when it seems like every day there’s a new festival or tour announced. From indie artists making waves across social media to huge legacy artists you can’t miss seeing live, it’s already hard enough to decide which artists to see! But how do you do it without also emptying your bank account? EnVi’s got a few tips for everyone to get the best bang for your buck in every aspect of your trip, from ticket purchases to flights, hotel, and dining. 


In addition to saving up where you can, the best bet is to try to make these purchases work for you. Using credit card rewards with cash back can enhance the experience without breaking your bank. To start, opt for a card that rewards you for your everyday purchases. While some cards offer specific rewards related to entertainment, you can really take advantage of earning outside of those moments to then redeem and spend on concerts or events. Make sure to thoroughly read and understand the card’s terms and conditions, ensuring it’s compatible with your spending habits. If you need more clarification to break down the legal language, call the card company and ask questions.

Certain cash back rewards credit cards provide rotating bonus categories, offering a higher rewards rate for eligible purchases within a chosen category. For instance, you might earn 5% back on entertainment one quarter and 5% back on gas the next. If you frequently spend in specific categories like entertainment and are willing to monitor rotations to optimize your rewards, a credit card featuring rotating categories could give you the best cash back benefits.


For travel, explore credit cards that allow you to redeem how you want — either for travel credit or cash. While some cards offer bonus points and/or miles for traveling with a certain airline, it can be nice to have the flexibility so you don’t feel locked in to booking a certain way just to get the rewards you deserve.

Of course, eating during concerts and festivals is inevitable, you’ll need to be powered up before cheering and jumping around. Whether you go out before the show or choose to dine at one of the vendors in the venue, use a credit card that offers rewards wherever you choose to fuel up.


When booking hotels, consider using a card that not only rewards your spending but also allows you to redeem to use on hotel and lodging expenses. For bigger events, hotels in certain cities run special pricing specific to the tour or festival, always dig around and research to see what the best options are. If you prefer to stay in a vacation rental with friends, having a card with rewards for general travel expenses is key. 

Many cards categorize these bookings as travel-related expenses, making it important to select a card that maximizes rewards for all these types of stays. Exploring credit cards with cash back or rewards for travel-related expenses can significantly impact your overall savings.

There are many types of reward and cash back systems, keep an eye out for promotions and first-year offerings, giving you a head start on earning rewards, and be mindful of any required minimum or maximum spending. Always do your research into what your card offers, especially when signing up for a new one. Stay informed about the card’s benefits and tailor your usage to maximize the rewards. By strategically utilizing credit card perks, you can enhance your concert and festival experience without overspending.

As you prepare for a season full of fun, be sure to keep our tips in mind with Discover.