Indonesian singer-songwriter Stephanie Poetri has been making a name for herself since her breakthrough hit “I Love You 3000.” With her debut EP released in March and backed up by 88rising, Poetri continues to steadily expand her career. On November 6, returning for a second occasion, the 21-year-old performed at the Head In The Clouds Festival. With a two-person band and sweet vocals, the “Indo Pride” enchanted the audience for about 30 minutes. 

Vibing Along to “Selfish”

Having already performed in a previous edition, Poetri made her return to HITC on the first day of the event. No stranger to the music festival scene, the singer took the stage of the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California. Firstly, the Indonesian singer stepped on stage dressed in a floral maxi dress and opened up her performance with the pop anthem “Selfish.” Released in December 2020, the song tackles the conflicting feelings of “battling with yourself about whether you have the right to be selfish in this new relationship, not relationship.” Accompanied by an electric guitar and keyboard, Stephanie kicked off a fun, laid-back set that had fans vibing along. 

Unveiling Unreleased Music 

Following “Selfish,” Stephanie spoiled future music releases. “I’ll sing two songs that aren’t out yet,” she said as Grethel Bonilla — her guitarist — switched to an acoustic guitar. Stephanie then proceeded to perform “Picture Myself,” a song that the singer expects to be “out next year.” Additionally, the Indonesian artist unveiled “Bad Haircut,” a song anyone who follows Stephanie’s Twitch streams will recognize. Flaunting her emotive voice, the soft ballad talks about “loving someone so much they look good to you even with a bad haircut.” 

Afterward, the songstress offered a rendition of Katy Perry’s “Hot N Cold” that hyped up the crowd and prepared them for her global hit “I Love You 3000.”

I Love You 3000

Released in 2019 and popularized through social media platforms, “I Love You 3000” is undoubtedly Poetri’s most popular song. Unsurprisingly, when the first chords of the viral hit kicked in, the audience joined Stephanie to chant “Baby, take my hand / I want you to be my husband / ‘Cause you’re my Iron Man / And I love you 3000.” Stephanie delivered an endearing performance of the song that introduced her to the global scene. As she wrapped up “I Love You 3000,” she sent a heart sign with her arms. “Thank you so much everyone, I was so nervous,” she laughed before thanking the concertgoers for “being so supportive.”

Stephanie closed the set on a high note with the single “Do You Love Me.” Against images of daisies that alluded to the lyrics of the song, she prepped the audience for the next act of the night.

Positive Reactions

Stephanie Poetri’s music continues to make waves on the internet. While some of her fans took Head In The Clouds as a chance to watch her perform live for the first time in a while, for others, this stage became an introduction to her music. Needless to say, Stephanie’s sweet personality and angelic voice won over the hearts of the crowd and left some quenching for more. 


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Thumbnail courtesy of 88rising.