Coming off the stage from an electrifying performance on Coachella’s culminating night, self-proclaimed MAGIC MAN Jackson Wang and R&B icon Ciara released their collaborative single, “Slow.”


After joining 88rising’s Head in the Clouds stage during 2022’s Coachella, the MAGIC MAN, Jackson Wang, has the world as his playground. The star hit the ground running with his solo debut album MAGIC MAN landing #3 on Billboard’s Top Current Sales and Top Album Sales charts the week of its debut and  #15 on Billboard’s 200. Coming off the release of his first solo album, and his highly anticipated North American tour, Wang made a quick stop at Coachella Valley this year. Showing off his brown and white colored hair and signature MAGIC MAN makeup, he started his set with “100 Ways” and “Blow.”

Later into his set, Wang surprised viewers with a special guest Grammy Award-Winning singer Ciara. The singer-songwriter’s 20-year-long career of “funky fresh” songs amassed millions of fans and over 23 million records sold. The unexpected duo performed a medley of songs from her catalog, including the viral hit “Level Up.”

The night of surprises continued as the duo performed a snippet of their remix of “LEFT RIGHT” by K-pop group XG. At the end of their performance, Ciara and Wang shocked fans by teasing a verse of their unreleased song “Slow.”

Slow it Down

R&B artist Ciara and global icon Jackson Wang tell listeners to “Take it slow” in their new song “Slow.” Ciara’s bright voice brings a freshness to the reverb bass, addictive hi-hats, and techno climbs in the first verse. With lyrics like “ I’m here all night for love” and “you can take your sweet time” Ciara shows her flirtatious side, singing intimate lyrics to the upbeat, head-bobbing groove. The verse ramps up with snappy hi-hats into a catchy duet for the chorus. Coquettishly and coyly, Ciara sings ” When you push up on me, oh, oh, oh/ Take it slow for me, daddy, go slow.”

Jackson’s husky voice in the second verse adds a sensuality to the song. He brings attention to spicy lyrics such as “only us, skin to skin, baby” with the deep timbre of his voice adding the missing richness to the single. Jackson’s breathy take on the chorus paints the image of a lover whispering in your ear,” Slow it down, down, down.” The funky beat transitions to a smooth R&B flow with slower snares, reverb vocals, and underwater beats. Jackon’s breathy voice and Ciara’s light vocals complement each other creating a lush melodic bridge of two lovers speaking to each other. Jackson Wang and Ciara will have you on your feet grooving and body rolling to their song’s smooth and fun beats.

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